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Yam FZX250 for learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RavenWolfe, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Wondering if anyone can help.
    I don't know much about this bike, yam Zeal... I'vbe found a 98 model with new tyres, a full service, 12 month rego & RWC for under 3k... It's got 70,000 kms on it... Can anyone tell me if this would be a god buy? Any problems with this model of bike I should know about?

  2. i rode one at a dealer once and this one was in pretty good nick but i personally didnt like it, didnt seem real quick and even at the top of the revs i wasnt overly impressed
    have u ridden one?
  3. The mileage should probably be your biggest concern, might be okay if the bike's been looked after but if it's been neglected or thrashed it may just be a matter of time before something important (and expensive) decides to break.
  4. Not as yet, but have just brought one, I sat on it... :p Too paranoid to ride a bike until it's in my garage & registered in my name...

    Only ever been on a bike (C8) three times, so I can't really compare different bikes (in time I'll learn)... Give me a couple of weeks & I'll think it's too slow.... But I figure that I don't need my dream bike just yet... It's my first bike, as long as it gets me through my first year of 'learning' then I'm happy. :D :wink:
  5. they are a real good learner bike... but if you have the little front fairing... take it off and replace it with a round hedlight... the replacement headlight costs $175 while the little fairing costs $800 (I think with the light)
  6. :) Thanks for the info JD. The bike’s only had one owner & looks near new! (So it’s been looked after.) No rust or scratches… Sounds fine, no smoke when started… Straight frame. The guy marked it down from 4500 because he couldn’t sell it because of the mileage… I guess I’ll know more in a few months of riding it!

    :) Thanks LordTB… No front fairing, horrid looking thing it is… He had another in the shop with a fairing. Yep, one big round head light. How did you go with the bike you were selling a few months ago?