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Y'all Ain't Gonna Believe This...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dirty_j, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. I've just had a cop tell me that under sedition laws, the "fcuk Bush" sticker that I have on my bike is illegal. WTF? I asked him why. His reply was some horseshit about a new law in Oz. And the fact that I'm an American, critisizing my own leader (which is protected under our 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech), is irrelivent. I was directed by this idiot to peel off the sticker or be hauled in.

  2. This is a joke right?... please so it is.

    If not i am afraid the Cop might have been on something illegal himself.
  3. nope. no joke. Kings Cross, Sydney. Fukker made me pull it off. Then he took it. No doubt its on his locker or notebook or some shit.
  4. Well I didn't really think that it was enforced, but I believe it. Democrazy at it best. :roll:

    We should all start getting around in Guy Fawkes masks "V for Vendetta" style. Maybe we should wait until the night of november 4th. That ought to make the government shit themselves. :p
  5. Did you get his name/number? This is a crock, even if you agreed 100% with the sedition laws, (and not many do), sedition laws relate to actions taken to the detriment of the elected government or public order. Now I may have been out of the country or drunk at the time, but I don't recall Dubbya being elected to any Australian office? That aside, even if the sticker had said "F#ck Little Johnny", I believe it would still not have been illegal. If I am wrong, then Dog help us all......
  6. I don't recall him being elected in the States either. He stole 'em both.

    Just as I thought, this cop was full of shit. Ten bucks says he's got it on his locker.
  7. Just a thought... Maybe he pulled you up on it just because you're an american. We seem to have alot of bigots here in this country. It's amazing what lengths a person will go to just to spite another.
  8. Sedition laws in Australia only apply to the Australian govt. Even if you are a US citizen, when you're in Australia you are governed by Australian laws.

    Saying F*** Bush is not against Australian sedition laws in the remotest.
  9. Ten bucks says he was just offended by the public display of the F-word, and used the sedition law to get his way (Hey that's exactly what sedition laws are for, after all! A cover all to use whenever nothing else will apply.)
  10. that is the most demented thing I've heard today

    how fcuked is that!!!!!!!!!
  11. You could have always claimed it was in reference to a different kind of "bush". :wink:

    *gets mind back out of the gutter* :oops:
  12. purpose of the laws is basically to prevent people enciting "force or violence" against the government, parliament, constitution.

    In theory, a very good law.

    This cop was so far out of his depth its just laughable. For a start the role of the Police is not to interpret the laws but merely to enforce them. This cop was conducting himself as "jury and executioner". I passionatley hate cops who think they are the ultimate power.

    Its cases like this where i would actually love to get picked up by that very same cop. It makes me want to teach him a lesson, get him to pull his bloody head in. Refuse to remove the sticker and when he arrests you then you get him demoted quicker than he can say "sedition laws"
  13. did this thread just get moved to "off topic"?? surely if it got moved from 'general discussion' it should have gone to 'politics, law & government".

    Juts another example of dissidents being silenced by 'the man'.
  14. ](*,) Thats warped. ](*,)

    I guess the Sedition law was in his Law of the Day Email and felt he should use it in a sentence that day.
  15. Not this 'man', I didn't move it. I'm surprised it was moved actually, as it was clearly about a rider having a sticker forcibly removed from his bike. Seems pretty 'bike related' to me. If it had to be moved, then I suppose 'politics, law & government' is also appropriate.
  16. It's pretty obvious the cop was full of it by the fact he was willing to let you go if you removed the sticker. I mean sedition is a fairly serious (jailable) offence so if he was truly convinced you were breaking it he would have arrested you straight away (it's not up to him to decide if you should be charged or not). I mean it's not like Police let bank robbers off the hook when they catch them if they agree to put the money back.
  17. Did the sticker have the ACTUAL F-word displayed clearly? or was it "%*&@" or something?

    ... surely there's some law against the display of swear words.
    They're illegal on TV & rdio at certain times of day, so I presume public broadcast or display is also governed.

    LOL, I doubt the cop was 'offended' as such.
    I would suggest police work is not the right career for someone who may be offended by bad language :p
  18. +1 - im curious to the reply.

    I reckon he didnt just like the "F***" word on the bike. I dont think its very appropiate anyway to have a sticker like that on your bike - perhaps "i dislike bush immensly" would be more appropiate :wink: but yeh - its your bike - not mine :wink:
  19. I know hindsight has 20/20 vision, but it would have been interesting to get this pigs name and number, then make some enquiries.

    Shit like this makes me fume :evil: