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Yakka gets a peg down in the Nasho!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by TheYak, May 19, 2007.

  1. :grin:

    That is all. Have a nice weekend!

    PS: Duffa's new pipe sounds hot.

  2. Congrats, i hope the sparks shower for a long time to come :p
  3. details! details!

    which corner?

    was it on one of those hairpin turns travelling uphill?
  4. :LOL: :LOL: nice one mate!!!
  5. damit damit damit!

    I'm so jealous! Was meant to be on that ride!

    But ya, gotten my peg down on a few corners on that run, so many nice turns!

    I cant wait to get my suit so i can practice the knee!

    But congratz mate, its an awesome feeling isnt it! Push that Spada all the way lol

    Looking forward to hearing that pipe Duff, however my cibby will always, look, sound and ride better :p
  6. in your dreams fitryder :LOL: V-TWIN power!!!!

    and i prefer my bike like i prefer my girls... naked :cool: :LOL:
  7. Hehe, cheers all, I feel a bit like I've earned my Twisties L-plate. A noob milestone if you will :grin:

    Twainey, it was on the way south, about half way through the twisties after the long straight...a 90 degree right hander marked for 40kmh...it's on camber and a great corner to push it a notch.

    Fit, sounds like it'll always blow it's own horn louder too...unfortunately you won't be able to have a soundoff as you won't hear the cibby at the redline if Duffa's near by idling :rofl: Nah, just kidding, back in reality yours is the best sounding RRrrrrrrr I've heard; both great looking bikes too, but so different. Love nudity, yet I when I rub my crystal ball(s) I see an RVF in the not too distant future...but I've got so much more to get out of the Spada :grin:
  8. mmmmmmm... streetfighter RVF!!!!
  9. WHO CARES!!!!! That's nothing :p

    I got both knees down in Tassie, both at the same time followed by my hands then my guts then the rest or me :grin:

    Ignore when they say chicks dig scars, lots of them have looked at em but not one of em has rooted me :evil: :rofl:
  10. :LOL: I know mate, just like an 'I got my Ls!' post...but weren't you a stoked little tacker when your training wheels came off? Well, I ground mine off in the Nasho so there :eek: :oops:



    That's not what your webcam says mate :p