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Yahooo - Bikes for Tiny Women

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by naturegirl, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. This exists already in Tips somewhere but I wanted it to stand out for newbies like me, for the little ladies :grin:

    So here it is:-


    It contains a section with "Models with Rider's height and Modification"

    I am checkin it out now.....

    There's even one for me

    Intruder 800 4'9" (144.8 cm) Fit better than the Honda Shadow 600 VLX

    Yippeee..... - maybe nobody cares but I am happy this is what I've been looking for :p
  2. Oopsie...I guess I have to wait till I'm off restrictions for the Intruder 800 :cry:
  3. HI,

    I shopped on Saturday and sat on lots of Cruiser type bikes. The only one I would consider for someone learning who is my height or less - ie 4ft 9" or around 143cm - wow thats short :) - is a Pagsta Cruisa. Yes it might be cheap but its the only one that felt light and comfortable enough for me as a learner.

    Of course once you get your confidence and have lots of riding skills up your sleeve then consider other bikes but thats it. I must say I was disappointed but hey thats life.

    I opted for a Scoota instead - a Yamaha Vino 125 - i'll work up to a cruiser in a years time or whenever I feel up to it.

  4. As an aside, any of the earlier Kawasaki Z's have a decently low seat height, low enough for any woman of average height or less.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I'm not a woman but im pretty short at 5'2 an i can get the balls of both my feet down on my suzuki across.

    Ive sat on a few big bikes an you just need to slide your ass off to one side of the seat to get a foot down. Its not the best but its doable if your confident enough. Ive seen the list an there all full of 'cruisers' and is very much targeted for an american market.

    Were I did my L's they had Yamaha Scorpians which were very low seat height, and extremely easy to handle especially at low speeds(easier than my across).

    You can always get something lowered to suit you. There are lots of options available so theres no need to feel like you must ride X bike just because your not 6 feet tall.
    If anyone tells you otherwise tell them to politely get stuffed. :)
  6. Thanks :) The bigger bikes are not as scary now...all I need is my confidence. For now I settled on my Yamaha Vino Scooter - I'll enjoy that for now......its new, blue and very stylish :p
  7. :shock: :LOL: - well I wont have any trouble reaching on that one :p
  8. Nature girl, I've got some stuff for shorter riders in this thread under the bike heading but would love it if you can think of anything else to add.
  9. Any crusier should do.
  10. you mean in relation to bike for us tiny ones ? :) Ok cook I will, I'll write about my experience as a learner. I know that all cruisers suit height wise but some of them are still way too heavy :)
  11. The new CBR125 is quite small.
    Or there's always my pillion seat ;)
  12. That they are ;) Saw zilly's on Tuesday...sexy looking bike, and quite low :)

    She sat on my CBR250RR the other day, and wasn't too bad..but she's concerned about the weight more than anything.

    She'll get used to it after a while...just needs to build her confidence up on the scooter :)

    taiheung...lookin to be a toyboy? :LOL: :p
  13. I reckon the RC212V should be a pretty good fit for shorties. :wink: :grin:
  14. nice bikes :) I think they might be too racy for me. I might be a little too girly girly to go racing - :grin: