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Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Krollinator, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. Four months NEW! $3k with roady and rego.

    2006 GPX two fiddy! Added the rim tape myself ;)

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  2. Looks like she's in good nic.


  3. the ol' black and green machine :LOL:

  4. congrats , enjoy :)
  5. looks nice :)
  6. Nice !! Another GPX rider.

    How many kays? Mine is a 2007 model with 19,500 kays when I bought her.
  7. And your GF is jealous of that!
    Bwhaha,you're fvcked.
  8. Wait, you mean I don't have the only GPX in Brisbane?


    (mine's a red 07 with around 15,000kms - 13,000 of which are mine).
  9. 30,000 when I bought her, 2006!
    What's fvcked mean? D:
    I know three people now with red GPX's... None with my colour scheme... Mwhahahaha.
  10. Mines like yours just no rim tape. Seen a few of the little beasts getting around now
  11. Sounds like we need a GPX get together!!!
  12. I'd be up for that! Hahaha, GPX crew ;)