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Ya Wouldnt Read About it !

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Although I am more than happy with my 2 jackets, an RJAY winter jacket and an Octane Mesh summer jacket, I've wanted to add a leather jacket to my attire, but alas they are too expensive for me ATM.
    Anyway.. I get a call from my BIL ( bro in Law ), He drives a recycling truck. He says he's found a leather jacket thats too small for him and wanted to know if I'd wanted it.
    I figured "sure" .. its probably a piece of shit >> who's gonna throw out a decent jacket, and I'll just bin it.
    Anyway I go pick it up and it turns out to be a Mars Leather Amaroo Jacket .. like $600 new :shock:
    Fits ok, but well worn, a little dirty and musky so after being told by the Dry Cleaners that they cant/wont? clean it. I google and end up machine washing it in SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER :LOL:
    Worked a Treat ... although the colors did run a little inside the jacket.

    Does anyone own one of these Jackets ?? Are they safe enough to ride in?


    PS: If you are the previous owner and want it back .. TOO BAD :LOL:

  2. I've had a MARS jacket for 15 years, and used it full time for about 10 of those. They are one of the toughest jackets you can buy, with the best quality leather. I've crashed mine about 6 times and I'm fine. The only downside is they don't usually have impact foam in the elbows/shoulders
    and they only do classic old-school styles.
    I think they're still hand-made in Elizabeth st, home of motorcycling in Aus.
  3. I have a MARS leather jacket that is now 20 years old and apart from the lining which requires replacement, it is in top nick. It's been my regular bike jacket all this time, and I can't fault it. They could load you into a cannon and shoot you through a double brick wall and I reckon their jackets would come through the other side in perfect nick :LOL: same couldn't be said of you though :grin:

    Whilst they don't normally come standard with impact foam/armour, MARS offer it is an optional extra to any of their jackets. I had tossed up bringing my 20 year old jacket in to get armour added but have decided to update instead - still shopping though!