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ya tomb stone

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D Stump, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. mine will say;

    saw haleys comet x2

    dentist exposed nerve, didnt notice and put a filling on top x2

    got cancer x1

    got hit by van x1

    got laid x 1000s

    died x4

    coma x1

    got pnumonia x3

    got life

    what would urs say?
  2. "That's going to hurt tomorrow." :LOL:


    "Pants first, then shoes." :LOL:
  3. I have my mother's chosen already, irrespective of what she wants. It's going to say, "See, I told you I was sick!".
  4. "here lies the body of john mound.
    lost at sea and never found"
  5. Don't want to be buried n have maggots eat my rotting flesh!
    Takes up too much space anywhoo, I wanna be cremated n sprinkled in the sea.
    But for those of you playing at home...

    I'd prob want to count my blessings, so I'd like to thank God for my
    Exceedingly healthy life, quick peaceful & painless death. Loving, devilishly sexy :wink:
    & faithful husband, supportive family :LOL:
    Not forgetting my amazing metabolism & gravity defying breasts :roll: .
    For all those little knocks in life that strengthened my inner resolve, making me a humble :rofl: , thoughtful person that knew the right things to say, who always remained rational & understood that being vulnerable is ok :eek:hno: & femininity was as comfortable as my favourite pair of kaki cargoes.

    :deal: Ok ok so I didn't want to ruin a good story w the truth!
    I can only be so lucky :)
  6. i love your one wot the!
  7. ...me? I tell the truth coz I've got 50 first dates memory! (night shift+sleep dep coz I have a second job) Also while God was handing out the filter to make you stop n think b4 you talk, I thought I'd hold the door open (for everbody else) & by the time i got there the filter was on bak order. I'm try to self install it (the filter) but like every DIY it's a work in progress that I get around to every now & then when I accidently piss someone off! I buy dresses coz they look pretty & then when a nice occasion comes up, I try it on, laugh at myself & opt for pants! I like shows like Becker, House & that movie As Good As It Gets (OCD+honesty is not as funny in real life) coz it's funny in Hollywood land!
    All the rest is just positive affirmations about how I'd like my life to go...
  8. G'day everyone,.......



    Dr Who?
  9. _______________
    / \
    l l
    l DIG l
    l l
    l l

    yes, it's a burk and wills joke
  10. Not having a grave.
    Take all the organs and bits that are usefull then burn me baby.
    Then scatter my ashes on the murray river.

    2 songs at my funeral.
    'Dont worry be happy' and 'Always look on the bright side of life'
  11. Stealing Spike Milligans jokes again I see... Tut Tut. :LOL:
  12. Same - bar the songs, and the murray :p. I want Tears in Heaven - and preferrably (sp?) sung by a friend/someone that knew me, that can sing and play guitar :)

    As for where to be scattered...in the houses of all the people that have shitted me in my life :p heh..*looks down at her body* ain't enough of me to do that :p

    Nah, off a cliff somewhere probably. Always wanted to fly :)
  13. I agree with the Monty Python song but I think the second one should be a song by Pink - "Just you n your hand tonight" and yes the context of the song can be used for any orientation.
  14. I always liked the one from BlackAdder Goes Forth . . .

    "Here lies Edmund BlackAdder
    and he's BLOODY ANNOYED!"

    but personally I want to be cremated,

    and have my ashes thrown in my bosses' face! :twisted:
  15. hey that's great. everyone forfils a death wish! make sure it goes up the bosses nose.