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Ya rude bastard!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by fekkinell, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Before you waltz into peoples workplaces, swearing and carrying on in your leathers, and banging your helmet down to try to intidimate people... think twice.

    Some of us ride bikes too... we just don't wear our leathers to work.

    You make all bikers look like idiots.

    Your reason for being angry is nobody's fault but your own for being a disorganised twat.

    It's hilarious watching a 5 foot female give a tough guy in leathers a dressing down in public.

  2. Ah, dealing with the general public! It's enough to turn you off breeding sometimes...
  3. :worthlesspics:
  4. Was it this guy?

  5. I fail to see how, but if you makes you feel better then run with it.
  7. Ah well see there's your problem, one stereotype being judgmental about another stereotype.

    Not really our problem ;)
  8. I condone angry biker and believe he is adequately representing the community. As long as he made sure to lear at any attractive women in the room and threatened to stomp someone, I see no error in his actions. Dismissed with prejudice.
  9. Its 'leer'.
  10. I accept that, but I do hope you fulfill your obligations regardless.
  11. banged his helmet did he?

    guess he'll have to buy a new one... poor guy...
  12. ha ha +1
  13. I'd a paid to watch that. Good work. =D>

    We don't like to be stereotyped. Idiots like that are a big part of why it still happens. The next time some moron in a softroader nearly has you in a ditch for no apparent reason, remember this thread.
  14. Back in the day the biker would have stormed in and banged the receptionist not his helmet..
  15. oh, they still do that too... obviously this guy is outta the loop!
  16. #16 Roaster, Mar 31, 2011
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    I prefer watching a tough 5 foot female in leathers giving not so tough guys a dressing down.

  17. can't believe you posted a link from charlies angels... :D

    hey fekkinell, can you give us some details into the back storey? What cause the guy in leathers to bust a valve?
  18. He wanted to pay for a construction permit/bond that he hadn't bothered organising yet. So since it hadn't been organised, he was asking to pay for something that didn't yet exist. That made angry man angry.
  19. I also like dressing down in public!
  20. He'd probably just been cut up by a wanker in a 4x4/texting girl in a barina/bmw driver/niche arsehole du jour.