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Ya Gotta love the scooterista's

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by mike8863, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. FFS....useless bastards....leave a gap ya karns


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  2. typical isnt it, 4 spare spots and the wankerr parks what looks like a 'clear way' part
    they really have no idea, car drivers thining they are riders..
  3. More a case of parking so far out from the kerb that there is not enough gap in FRONT of the scooter to get another bike thru....there is another 4 spots the near side of the peddo crossing..
  4. I keep noticing all these scooters riding around and all they do is look straight ahead - no head checks etc. Just like a mindless drone
  5. mostly young women!! I have a 'mature' woman one floor below me, high heels, jeans, and a leather jacket, not bike cred but 'fashion item' helmet and I think gloves, has no idea, has no intension, and god help her if she comes unstuck, it will hurt..
  6. Worse than cyclists
  7. i see them every day on my work run, some wear a jacket but most just a business shirt, never any decent gloves or footwear. though i did have one actually use a mirror, thankfully she didn't appear to catch me checkin out her rear-section.
    i've often fought back the desire to stop and inform them if they end up on their ass that expensive business shirt will be embedded in their skin, not to mention the dreaded brush to scrub it all out of the wounds :eek::eek:
  8. bastards !
  9. You're kidding aren't you?

    jeez what a cry-baby :roll:
  10. You riding a goldwing or CanAm these days?? lol
  11. We have more motorccylist park that way in Brisbane. Most scooter riders up here seem pretty good. The biggest knobs for parking are the cruiser riders, who normally park so badly they take 3 spots.
  12. they need 3 spots just to get out of there pirate gear
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  13. I've posted this before and have seen it done again since.

    Something about stones and glass houses comes to mind

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  14. Yeah I have a chuckle when I see the suits screaming around the CBD on their scooters (male and female). Apparently if you ride a scooter your skin doesn't come off when you slide on the bitumen.

    Mind you, I don't hear about too many prangs involving scooters. Am I wrong?
  15. Same old netrider. It always ends up being about gear.
  16. Just pointint this out, but you realise scooters roll forwards onto their centre stands right?

    Not saying this isn't stupid, just pointing out why they are more succeptable to it then us side stand types...
  17. arrived at work this morning [should have taken a pic] out front of bulding in sunny melb, we have bike parking bays, about 10 to each side and a middle isle for late comers, some frkwit on a madass parks his shitbox about 8 feet in from the end, so had to park mine in last available spot in the isle, while at the other end you coudl have parked 2 more bikes, but a car park stops you from doing so. Was tempted to move the shitbox [actually parking the piece of crap down the raod. but thought I wouldnt like my bike touched but fark that got me angry first thing. end of rant
  18. Where is this ? Im suprise you had enough time to get that pic. In sydney city a bike parked like that would have been moved by a scooter rider so they could try & squeeze another 4 scooters into that spot.
  19. ummmmmmmmnotheydon't

    they roll backwards on every scooter i've ever seen
  20. Yep. Backwards. That far from the kerb probably means paranoia about scratching it :p