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Y2K Jett Bike @ Motoheaven

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by SteveGuzzi, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. #1 SteveGuzzi, Mar 6, 2008
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  2. Great for getting rid of tailgating cagers!!
  3. I just love the tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-bvvvvooorrrRRRRRrrr! of the turbine igniting and being brought to speed. :grin:

    Gas turbines for the win. Thank god it's a wheel-driven and not thrust driven bike, though. That could get messy. ;)
  4. i wonder if they'll let me take it for a test run haha
  5. Ive seen this thing riding around the burbs a few times the last week or so.

    was wondering if it was a turbine or not. Sounded like a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Though it would be brilliant for those times when you have some cager tailgating you...
  7. Same guy was here 2 weeks ago at Dandy Motorcycles..
    awesome :p
    However, I was asked to remove the vid I uploaded :?
  8. Are you saying there's one of those bikes IN AUSTRALIA? And it is allowed to legally ride on our roads? Hell must be about to freeze over if that's really the case...
  9. Check out page 5 of the latest AMCN.

  10. I don't buy AMCN so I missed this news. I'm amazed. Does the article say anything about whether he was able to register it for road use or is it just a display piece? I'm really curious because I've known about these bikes for a while but I always thought there would be no way they'd ever pass the rat maze of our regulations and be allowed on our roads, even if somebody had enough spare cash to buy one.
  11. AMCN doesn't say anything about reg but they say they have narrowed down it's hidden location and owner and will present further info when they get it.
  12. :LOL:
    Hell must be frozen then, its something you gotta hear up close..UNBELIEVABLE !! :shock:
  13. ahhhh poser if u ask me, meh.
  14. Are you guys saying this is the ONLY Y2K in Oz ??
    If so ... I know who the owner is nah nah nah nah nah ... :p :p
    Me and another NR member that is :-$
  15. He was down at the Island on the weekend and the bike was carrying a traders plate, so I would say it's not registered.
  16. I want one!

    Doesn't look road legal to me. Not because of the GT but more the slicks and lack of indicators :grin: .

    I can't remember anything in the ADRs that would specifically prohibit a GT power unit. I can see the emissions being quite dirty but that's not (or wasn't until recently) a problem for bikes in Oz. Silencing the thing to ADR standards might present a problem or two but that's a technical rather than legal issue.

    I can see the old women who run vehicle standards in Australia putting a lot of effort into finding a reason to ban it though :evil: .
  17. Yah... noise and emissions are probably the only things that'd pull it up. A gas turbine's not as loud as a jet engine, but still...

    (Spots' weird thought for the day: Technically speaking, wouldn't the Y2K be learner-legal in Victoria? Afterall, there's no power/weight ratio laws there and gas turbines have zero displacement). :LOL:
  18. I want a black one.
  19. Gotta love that giant plume of smoke shooting out of it when it starts :grin:
  20. Looked at the cover of Torque today at the vid shop. That movie was sooooooooooooo crap :sick: that I didn't realise that the bike he uses towards the end is a Y2K. Almost decided to get the movie to check out the Y2K, then I remembered the nightmares I had last time :facepalm: , came to my senses and got Old School. :rofl: