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Y2K >> Is it a Bird .. A Plane ? ....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by VCM, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Sitting here at the desk, I heard this .. rumble...shoosh...getting louder and louder. Sounded like a damn jet taking off. Thought perhaps a Gas bottle has popped in the workshop. :eek:hno:
    Went out to investigate ... :shock:
    It looked straight out of TRON ..an MTT Turbine Jet Powered Superbike !
    Never seen one before, I grabbed my camera.
    Not be best looking bike .. but WOW!

    Engine: Rolls Royce Allison 250 series gas turbine

    Power : 320 HP @52,000 rpm

    Gonna upload more pics in a sec ... if anyone is interested?

  2. Y2K bike, Jay leno has one. Record it with sound please! :grin:
  3. I'll try catch him before he leaves .. no doubt I'll hear him start it :LOL:
  4. Tell him I'd love to do an interview/article/video article about him and his bike. There's a sixpack in it if you get his number for me! :)
  5. I'll approach him :wink:
  6. :shock:
  7. Two gears - fast, and very fast... And a gas-turbine's worth of turbo lag. :D

    Me, I'm actually surprised that it's road-registerable here in Australia.
  8. You could soon catch up with them down the road - don't think the range on those things is much better than 20-30kms :LOL:.
  9. Loz: I missed him, however I'll try get his number from the guys at the bike shop .. He had a trade plate on the bike :shock:
    Managed to take a short clip of him starting the beast, just waiting for youtube to make it active now.
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  11. You have to be kidding that this thing got rego here is OZ!!! :shock:

    Would be awesome to see it on the street, and just think of the thrust wake from that thing!
  12. There wouldn't be a thrust wake worth speaking of - Y2K bikes are powered by used 'shaft output' Allison gas turbines from a (Bell Jetranger, I think?) helicopter.

    In the helicopter it directly drives a gearbox that spins the rotors; in the bike it directly drives a clutch 'n gearbox that spins the rear wheel.

    That said, the exhaust of the turbine would still be REALLY hot... and holy-crap loud, too. o.o;;
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    Video is now active.
    Sorry about the quality, the camera ran out of memory.
    Clip does NOT do it justice.


    EDIT: Had to remove the video. Owner has now decided he'd rather not have it online ATM. sorry
  14. :shock: :shock:

    My dog that is a great way to turn gas into noise! Can't even imagine it on the road :shock:
  15. I'm sorry... I used the wrong memory stick :roll:
    The sound of it taking off up the road was incredible !
  16. You mean I wont need to spend the next year or two at Gym ? :shock:
    It's a deal ! :p

    I spoke to lynda, ( one of the Dandy Motorcycles' owners ) She spoke to him, he said 'later' sure .. ( something about after the 'launch' )
    He advertises on Just Bikes. I'll PM you his number :wink:
  17. Ugly as sin. I wouldn't ride it with the fairings on.
  18. awesome :bolt:
  19. I have to agree .. it aint a good lookin bike