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Y should they get their own lane?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by DANNIBOI, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. slight rant, i was watchin the new last night, and i mean, wow.

    was sittin there with my JD stubb and Hugry Jacks :grin: (its sunday man, pig out). and i see these SCOOTER protesters in the city of melbourne.....

    "we want our own lane" ???? WAT THE ______? :LOL:

    r u serious, cum on man. wen these people decided to buy a scooter they knew wat they were doin, if u want to ride in the BIKE lane, buy a PUSHBIKE. and if ur scooter is not powerful enough to keep up with the traffic, well im sorry, u shouldve thought about that before you brought it.

    I have nothin at all against scooter ridres, but cum on...
  2. Why should they? To stop holding us up :LOL:

    Such scooter and bike only lanes work very well all across asia, dozens of countries have them to great advantage - thats why :roll:
  3. Re: Y should they get there own lane?

    Now that suits are getting around on two wheels expect to see bikes getting more consideration! (At least in the city.) Not a bad idea, maybe...as long as they don't endanger the people for whom the lane is most needed - cyclists.

    But yeah, they should be encouraging a minimum of 100cc for safety's sake, with the lower rego offered for that class...
  4. at least. then they can keep up with traffic.
  5. I ride a push bike at the moment and scooters in the bike lane is a terrible idea. They are so wide that when the traffic is banked up they are forced to go around 10-20km/h so they don't clip the cars...

    I was ridding down Flemington Rd one day after work, traffic was all banked up and I was moving down around 30km/h and then all of a sudden this scooter was in front of me and held up about 5 bikes... I was in front so I told him to get out of the lane and he slammed his breaks on and nearly collected us. Because he's going slow I overtake him and he threatens to punch me in the face! He asked me if I wanted him to punch him in the face actually, which is ridiculous.. So I told him I wanted him to get out of the bike lane, so he asked me If I wanted him to punch me in the face again...

    I know not all scooter riders are like this, but my concern is they go too slow. Maybe make the lanes wider..?
  6. Re: Y should they get there own lane?

    I have plenty against them.
    End of comment.
  7. I think they wish to share the bicycle lanes, not to have their own special lane or force cyclists out of their bike lanes. I think it would be good as it will enable scooter riders to use the bike lane to filter through traffic. Use the bike lane now and you'll cop a fine. I think there was to be a 30kmh speed limit to go along with using the bike lane too.

    There's a few scooter riders who do wobble around at low speeds but they could well be learners or just lame individuals who travel at snails pace regardless of the mode of transport. I've seen a lot of learners on 250 bikes who are just as bad. Holding the traffic up is not often the scooters fault - it's the person riding it, just like how I am held up by motorbike riders and car drivers: when I'm riding my 50cc scooter to work and back.
  8. If scooter riders get the right to ride in Bike lans then we may see a few people buyone of these!

  9. haha those scooters are "fully sik bro" haha :shock: :LOL:
  10. the Pink one doesn't look that bad actually :p
  11. :shock:
  12. Not sure of the physics, but it looks to me as if the skirt on the blue one (the bike, not the rider!) would drag on any lean angle over about 5 degrees...
  13. [​IMG]
  14. What makes you think it would ever lean?
  15. Re: Y should they get there own lane?

    I think you have some serious issues if you want to cum on them. :shock:
  16. Oh Dannyboi, Oh Dannyboi...

    I think my dog, drunk and on acid could accidently type in a smarter post than this pathetic little rant you've accidently dribbled up here. This has to be one of the more crappier troll attempts I have seen here on Netrider, and next time I expect better from you. Maybe a post about how you crashed while wearing no protective gear or should I buy a Hyosung...

    Oh wait, you've already bought one...
  17. The scooter rally was about "safe routes" for scooters. This includes a lot of things - one of which is "safety boxes" or advanced stop lines - which would benefit all powered two wheelers. Another ask is to allow hook turns for scooters.

    see details here...

    It's also not about all powered two wheelers in all bike lanes. The truth is that bicycle lanes have been set up with no consideration of the impact to powered two wheelers. In many cases (Church St Richmond is a good example) the advent of the bike lane has forced powered two wheelers over onto the tram lines.

    Now while this might not bother a lot of riders. the tram lines are often poorly maintained and can be bloody dangerous for those on a small-wheeled scooter.

    Bicycles don't own the road - any more than motorcycles, scooter, cars or trucks do. It's about a fairly shared road space. Motorcycles and scooters have never had any consideration in the past.

    Like it or not, scooter riders are a growing percentage of the powered two wheeler market. There were around 400 scooters at the rally on Sunday (I was marshalling there - on the bike this year) and a lot of them were 250 and above - and with the CVT transmissions they are often a lot quicker up to about 50k than a lot of much bigger motorcycles.

    Scooters usually go slow in bicycle lanes out of consideration for cyclists. I found Devery's post highly amusing when one of the complaints that came out from one of the Bicycle Users Groups when the conditions of shared use were put forward was that 30km/hr was too fast and that cyclists don't travel that fast.

    I'd also suggest that Devery get out there with a tape measure and actually measure the total length and width of a small scooter. He/she/it will find that there's not a lot of difference in total footprint between a commuter bicycle and a 50cc scooter.

    We already have a "defacto" lane sharing in non clearway times on roads like Sydney Road. With cars parked the left lane is narrowed to not much more than a bicycle lane but is still quite legal for motorcycles and scooters to use along with bicycles. I've yet to see any conflict in this situation. What is most obvious is that powered two wheelers do hold up bicycles at intersections. We stop at red lights - most cyclists don't. :p
  18. Well, I was going to just say if they can travel in the bicycle lane and not cause grief for the cyclists then i think it's a good idea. Stop's them from slowing down the traffic. As for suggesting making them get bigger and faster scooters or a bike, that could backfire and have the effect of them just choosing a car instead and adding to the traffic congestion.

    Then I came accross this

    But then I thought this case was caused by the scooter going from the normal traffic into the bike lane. If he was travelling along in the bike lane the whole time he couldn't all of a sudden be in front of you. Now I don't know what the bike lanes are like where you're talking about but as long as they're wide enough for a scooter to safely pass another scooter then there should be enough room for the scooters and cyclists to share the lane. If there isn't then this would need to be addressed first to make this work. As for suggesting a speed limit for this lane i think that should stay at whatever the speed limit for the road is otherwise the scooter riders will be jumping in and out of the lane all the time.
  19. SMEE
    hey man, gettin off topic now, but hav u seen some of the chicks who ride em, not bad....

    thats right man i did. but neway, isnt that y we hav this "Forum" to post topics, or do people like ur self just type random insults 2 people 2 make u feel better?

    not havin a go man, but it was a topic i saw last nite, and wanted to put in my 2 cents thats all, and isnt that wat a forum is?

    if u dnt want 2 read it, its pretty simple, dont.

  20. Maybe curb the text speech for mobile phone usage.
    I'd hate to edit your posts cos I can't read them.
    BTW when you make a post for all to see, recommending that someone don't read them defeats the purpose.