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XXXX truck at V8 supercars.......

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by removed-6, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. How mad is this!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:




  2. I want one :grin:
  3. That's a pretty cool caravan
  4. That's awesome! Pity they're selling urine...
  5. Goodonya hundy. Someone always spoils the wishlist.
  6. I'm a non drinker, but I fully expected that someone from a southern state would say something to that extent :LOL:
  7. Altogether now....

    Q. Why is the Queensland beer called XXXX?

    A: ..........

  8. bluddie teetotallers.
  9. You make up for me, (and a few others too :LOL:)

  10. isnt this multiple choice

    A: because you cant write SHIT on the can

    B: Because Queenslanders cant spell beer??
  11. We'll they'll need to sell a few beers to make up for the $1.4m for building the truck. It's a lot of money to spend for only a few events. (IMO, they should of invested the money in making a better tasting beer)

    XXXX now means eXXXXpensive
  12. Apparently these are the latest marketing fad, as there are a few companies building these trucks at the moment.
  13. Such a bad marketing idea that we now have a thread dedicated to their brand on an unrelated forum. :wink:
  14. :grin: :WStupid:

    I'm not a big beer drinker, but I tried this excremental refuse once....
    Took 3 scotches to wash the taste out!
  15. I'm digging the truck from the engineering point of view. Hydraulics etc... now if it were a Scotch and Coke truck though, I'd be digging it from all angles... particularly the one from underneath after having fallen down... :LOL:
  16. It would be a business opportunity too, Rob. It is difficult to go broke, when you are selling beer to Aussies. Only Alan Bond has done it, so far.
  17. There is also a trailer which is towed around to allow the XXXX Angels to preform around various locations around the race track which also folds up with by itself while still moving to make it easier to get out through what are usually narrow exit gates.

    The XXXX Angels where referred to as Professional Dancers on the PA system at Sandown over the course of the weekend, I took that to mean their act involved vertical poles as those sort of performers tend to call themselves Professional Dancers. :LOL: