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XXL be buggered

Discussion in 'Gloves' started by reggie, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. ](*,) I have gloves that are for summer that are XXL and fit comfortably no restriction of grip or cutoff of circulation.
    I have now3 pair of waterproof winter gloves XXL that are shit to wear.
    Too damn tight to get on and off and no grip feel at all due to constriction.
    Seriously cant make a fist to idiot motorists (they wave back!)
    My quest for Aussie made real bloke gloves made to fit a mans average hand.
    Driving me crackers folks.

  2. Why do you buy them if they don't fit? You are not doing us normal aussie blokes any favors.
  3. A real aussie bloke would hit his hands with a belt sander till the gloves fitted
  4. A real aussie bloke would use the belt sander until his hands were so tough he didn't need gloves.
  5. I brushed my hand with a flapper wheel on an angle grinder on the weekend, am I a real Aussie bloke?
  6. Welcome to the world of "sizing". It seems to be happening in all areas of motorcycle wear these days. Don't trust what the size on the label says seems to be the only solution.
  7. on top of variation in sizing from brand to brand, model to model, i believe variation in cuttings makes huge difference too

    i've made my fair share of mistakes too, they fit fine on my hands off the bike, but PITA trying to operate the controls on bike
  8. Only if you didn't shit yourself & pull your hand away really quickly :rofl:
  9. Damn! I swore like a trooper and screamed like at little girl all at once.
  10. Put gloves on, soak hands and glove sin warm water, wear till dry. Best if you can wear them on the bike, to allow them to stretch when they need to.
    Repeat as required over the years (leather shrinks slowly over time).
    This is the best way to get great fitting gloves.
    I always have problems with new gloves cutting off blood flow to my fingers, this always works.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. get hot grips, then where the same pair of summer gloves all year round....