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XX to RR (new Pic)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by raven, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Tomorrow, the Double "X" is being replaced with a Double "R"...

    A nice new 07 red/black Thou...


    *picture added*

  2. woohooo......geez mate that should offer a bit more ground clearance for you :wink: can't wait to see some pics. Congrats i bet you will love it
  4. Yes that is the correct answer.
    looks like Blackbirds are really out of fasion.
    Our two most prominant XX Riders are moving to something a little lighter.
  5. What have you done?? :shock:

    Hope you enjoy the new toy mate.
  6. Staying with Honda then?

    Pics please.

    By the way, congrats on getting a new bike!
  7. It's still a Honda, Tweet, it'll be ok, he'll get a sore ass when he goes for a long ride, then he'll want another Bird, and will have to wait till 2009 for the new one...

    Congrats on the new ride, Raven
  8. There's a pic of one in his profile... that's why I've left him alive :p
  9. Merry Chrismas raven!
  10. Ahhh! Spotted it. Taa Ktulu

    Raven Raven Raven... you've gone over to the dark side... Welcome!
  11. Yay, you'll be able to ride when it's hot and not worry about the bastard over-heating! :grin:
  12. You old dog, you learnt a new trick......

    ....RR means I'm fooked now eh?

    'Dear Santa, don't bother wrapping it'

  13. Congrats John :grin:

    Nothing like the smell and feel of a new bike :cool:

    I will have to pull my finger out now or I'll get severely left behind! :(
  14. Congrats on the new bike John...over to the boy-racer dark-side are we? ;)

    Butz. :beer:
  15. How come you're leaving the flock within a fortnight of me joining it?? :p

    Congrats, mate! :D
  16. Aha so you couldnt resist hey.. :LOL:

    Ah at least i used and abused you for info while you were still in the hypersports league.. :grin:

    No you wont have to ride it like the titanic mate.. :twisted:

    Congrats and hope to catch up for a ride soon.. Sorry i been flat out with work..
  17. nice upgrade from the 'bird :cool:
  18. Welcome to Fireblade country

    Hey John,

    Congratulations on the sweet new ride

    Can't wait to see it in the metal


    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  19. awesome!!! congrats john !

    so i guess the upgraded suspension on the bird didnt cut it. would be great to see you on one of those thing up at the spur!!

    c ya on the spur

  20. Congrats on the new bike John!

    I still think you should've taken a 675 for a ride at least though.

    Today, I took a ZX636 (2002) model bike out for a blat (loaner bike while my bike is being serviced). Oh my. The 675's midrange makes the 636's motor feel weak as piss, and the 636 is meant to be one of the better super-sport I4's for mid-range. :shock:

    Edit: Oh - just realised that you had bought a 1000RR, and not a 600RR. Don't mind me then. Good job!