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XVS650 Yamaha - No badge/decal on the tank

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Nivek, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know of a good site which details the year model history of the Yamaha XVS650 ? (I did a google search but kept getting ebay pages!) I'm trying to find out if they made some without fuel tank badges?



  2. No sure where you going with this question.
    But ,did you see one with out the badges and like the look :cool: ?

    A lot of people remove the badges ,so the bike looks a little more custom.

    I like the badges on my Boulevard and I have seen them removed and the bike does look different :? .

    But not sure if you can put them back on %100 ,and might or will drop the price of the bike when selling or trading it in ,in 12 months when you want a bigger or different bike.

    If your just curious about the different models ,Please disregard the above post. :p :LOL:
  3. Also it may have been crashed/dropped and repainted.
  4. Thanks Sleddog/Hotcam.
    I'm looking at buying an XVS605 classic - 2005 model but there seems to be a couple of versions.

    One is the XVS650 V Star and the other is simply the XVS650.

    I was wondering what the differences are. Was the V Star the "2006" model released in november 2005?

    I have tried to find a web page that lists the different year model versions but can't find one.

  5. All years are the same except paint. There are two versions:
    - XVS650 V-Star Custom
    - XVS650A V-Star Classic

    Custom is the one with the footpegs, narrow front wheel, shorter fenders/mudguards, etc.

    Classic is the one with the floorboards, fatter front wheel, longer mudguards.
  6. New models don't have badge. Just a painted Vstar on the tank, but quite subtle.

    I just got a 2008 Vstar Custom Midnight edition and can highly reccomend them.Awesome bike.
  7. Thanks guys, appreciate the help.

  8. VStar 650 - Custom

    I went to see the VStar 650 Custom 08 model yesterday and I loved it, as soon as I sat on it i knew this was the one...

    I've been looking around at a few other curisers and by just sitting on them they didnt feel that right...

    I have to test ride one now - does any one know if there is a difference in riding the Vstar Custom 650 and Custom 1100?

    I wonder if they are completely different in feel when you ride?
  9. I was looking at the 650 when it was time for me to upgrade. I was looking at a few diff smaller cc'd cruisers.

    I took the 650 for a test ride, it felt like a great bike, comfortable and easy to move around. I thought the bigger 1100 would be really heavy, but the COG is so low on the bike, you never struggle with it. I think it's quite nimble for an 1100.

    That's my opinion. But, I've only test ridden the 650, as opposed to 8 months on the 1100.