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Xvs650 updates

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by diomac, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Got around to putting the news bars on so thought i'd post the results.


    Still a work in progress, headlight will be the next replacement. Oh and i got around to making some new ais plugs to clean up the look since i removed the ais.

  2. looking good! more pics as you go please!
  3. Very nice. Is your seat an aftermarket one? It seems lower than mine. If so, could you tell me where you got it from?
  4. The seat is a Corbin gunslinger seat I sourced it locally via VPW (http://www.vpw.com.au/) they are a made to order item so they take a few weeks to get.
  5. debadge it .. I like the look .. hate the badge
  6. I've thought about debaging it, but it's under the clear coats so it would been new paint and at the moment that will have to wait but it is on the cards.
  7. Got a price on the seat thankyou, but thats gonna have to wait till I get the exhaust system first ](*,). Do you find the one you have is more comfortable than the stock one it came with?
  8. hell yes, the corbin is a much more comfortable then the stock seat. I found after a couple of hours on the stock i really hated it but with the corbin i can do a good 400k's without discomfort.

    The mustangs are king for comfort but i can't stand the look of them.
  9. diomac - The bike looks fantastic.

    Just some quick questions re: handlebars - I'm planning to get this specific Handlebar (LINK). The details are all there and I wont need to replace any cables (as advised) but the question is: Is it easy to DIY? Or a professional assistance is required?

    Did you do it yourself? Where did you get the handlebar from? Did you need to change the cables as well?

    Any help will be appreciated? Have you any experience with the Starbar Handlebar setup?

    Thanks in advance.
  10. Looking at those bars I would have have thought you'd need new cables as the hand controls seem to move a fair way back, I'd double check this.

    The bars I have are barons as well so I can tell you the quality is pretty good, nothing like as good as Burleigh Bars here locally but I just couldn't afford them right now.

    If you aren't going to try running your electrical cabling internally yes it's an easy DIY, on the other hand if you want to clean up the look at the same time and run them inside the bars you may want to get it professionally installed unless you are a bit handy with the tools and don't mind taking your time to get it right.

    I installed the bars myself with help from my old man over a few cold ones in a weekend. The hard part was running the electric cables inside the bars. First I had to extend all the wires by soldering in new cable sections. I also found the hole diameter provided was too small so had to drill it out further on one side.

    When sliding the grips back into place there were some burs that I had to take off, but nothing to dramatic.

    The radius bars I used have the same reach etc as the Yamaha after market T-Bars so I didn't need to replace any of the hand control cables.

    This is the bar and the place I sourced them from.
  11. Thanks for the reply. AM getting my first 1000 KM service done today so will investigate some more and order the bar in next month or so.

    I like the look of your bike as well! :)