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XVS650 Service Recommendations Melb East Subs

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Gobberwart, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. My bike (Yamaha VStar XVS650 Classic) is rapidly approaching 10,000km and I'm starting to think about taking it in for its first service since I bought it. I bought the bike from Peter Stevens FTG, but I've read/heard a few horror stories about Peter Stevens' service department (not FTG specifically, but PS in general), so I'm looking for recommendations for a good alternative in my area.

    Basically, I'm looking for a reliable mechanic around the Croydon South/Bayswater/Ringood area who is competent with a cruiser like mine, won't try to get me to pay for unnecessary work and won't charge like a wounded bull.

    Oh and please, before anyone suggests I just do it myself and save the money, I'm capable of basic work if I know exactly what needs doing, but there's a lot of "check/inspect" on the list, and I really don't have enough experience to know what I'm looking for, so I'd rather have an expert go over it so I know I haven't missed anything. I also don't really have all the tools and workshop space I'd need to do the job properly.


  2. Mad Biker in FTG and Dynoverks in Wantirna both seem to have good reps for servicing when you do a search...
  3. Cheers. Do you have any experience personally with either of them?
  4. Been in Mad Biker a few times chasing service items and consumables, and my son used him for a roady which was a simple and stress free interaction. Always seems to have plenty of work on and always pleasant & knowledgeable. I can't vouch for his work personally, as I do all my own maintenance and repairs.
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  5. its gone 10000 on same oil ? surly not.

    o i guess your first not bikes - i hope
  6. #6 Gobberwart, Feb 8, 2013
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    First since I got it mate, don't panic :)

    It had almost 4000 on it when I bought it, it's on almost 8000 now. I'm going on a 1000km trip next weekend, and doing about 350 a week for work, plus a couple of hundred each weekend. It'll be due for it's 10000 service in about 2-3 weeks.

    EDIT: It's got its 1000km service in the log book, and PS claims they gave it an oil change when I bought it. It's going well, but definitely due for some TLC.
  7. Same Gobberwart, 8000 on the clock and after Pambula will be due for a service. I'd planned on booking into Peter Stevens Geelong. Worrying though, they couldn't even get my luggage rack right and after 8 ph calls to them, they still couldn't. I've had some frustrating dealings with them lately where they've given me incorrect information. I've found it easier to research things, buy them off the net and fit them myself. Hope the service department is a bit more clued in...
  8. im funny about oil , i wouldnt ride it that far myself but thats me.
    hard though ifvyou have to run around pay n wait etc.
    u should do in between oil changes , if u skip the filter its one
    plug only and 5 min job
  9. Mine had its 1000k and then l went in and spoke to them when it was approaching 6000. They told me not to do it, that it wasnt necessary. He said unless theres an issue, it's supposed to be done at 10,000. Is this another lot of bad advice they've given me?
  10. You could try In Tune (opposite A1 & Bike Mart). See a lot of bikes there bit don't have any personal experience with them yet.

    MMMTS had also recommended Lilydale Yamaha.
  11. I've been wondering that myself actually since 9,000km on a single batch of oil does seem like a lot. According to the manual, it's meant to be done at 1,000 and 10,000 but I dunno, it just makes me a bit edgy. Wouldn't take me long to drop out the oil and throw in some more to get me by until the service. The filtre should be fine to wait, though.

    Then the question would be whether or not the oil I already have in the shed is alright or if I've got to go and spend more cash on something that specifically says "for motorcycles" on it. Mobil Super 2000 X2 Semi-synthetic 10w40. Anyone?
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  12. If you can get to Mt Waverley, I highly recommend 60 Degrees, with Luke and Kat. Extremely happy with their service and price is good too.

    Where you going Gobberwart are you joining us at Pambula?
  13. Getting there isn't a problem, it's what to do without a bike once I'm there. At least if it's somewhere local I can walk or catch a bus home again.

    Nah, I couldn't get the Friday off work, so I'm going on the 3 day Snowy's trip instead. Should be fun :)
  14. When the xvs650 first came out in 1998 they had 6000km service intervals. Yamaha changed the service intervals on most of their road bikes to 10k a few years ago stating oil quality & engineering quality have improved to allow this.
    The oil filters are also supposed to be good for 20k. The bikes themselves hadn't changed. Probably pressured to be more "green", but also to look more appealing in a sales brochure -requiring less maintenance.

    In practice this turned out to be ok on the large bikes such as FJR, XVS1300, when dumping oil out of them at 10k, the oil still looked ok. But with smaller bikes like the XV250 & XVS650, when drained after 10k the oil looked poorly.

    Keep in mind that it will vary depending on what type of oil & whether it is highway miles or city miles.

    Dunno about your oil. Read the fine print on the back. Sometimes it will state 'Also suitable for motorcycles with wet type clutch', though the info for that oil on the mobil website doesn't specifically mention motorbikes. The 10w40 weight is spot on though, so it may be ok. Read the oil controversy thread if yourv'e got a week with nothing to do.
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