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XVS650 Re-Jetting place in SE Melb

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by bigjugs, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    Enjoying my XVS650 Classic for the past 2 months. Have done about 2k kms already of riding in and around outer melbourne roads. My confidence is getting better each time I ride and feel in better control of the bike (not too confident).

    The weather this week has been crazy and looks the same this weekend so have to wait for a sunny break before I ride again.

    I need advice on where I can get the Hypercharger and V&H Cruzers installed (haven't made the purchase as yet), waiting for the taxman to help me out :)

    Please advise where in Outer South East or North East of Melbourne can I take my bike to get re-jetting done plus the new intake and exhaust.

    Ride Safe.

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  3. Thanks streetmaster. May take you up on the offer, I did check out the 650ccnd site but that is too much for me to take out. I'm good at dismantling not so good a putting things together :(

    PM me if you are serious.

  4. Cheap rates too!
  5. Vance n hines instal is very easy
    Very very easy
    Ebay usa shud be about 400 dollars pipes / slipons only.
  6. My vote goes to Streetmaster. (y)
  7. Think he just saw bigjugs and volunteered
  8. I logged in to the forums today to ask this exact same question about rejetting.. I've been riding for the same amount of time too and on the exact same bike (but in red) which has done the same amount of km's. That's really weird.

    I'm over in the west (Melton) but wouldn't mind a trip somewhere to get things done right.

    I already have V&H Cruzers on mine and I've switched the stock air filter for a K&N one. Been getting a bit of popping/backfiring so figure I should look at a rejet. This is my 'expert' (Googled) opinion.....

    I also just got my Baron Star Bar and Kuryakyn ISO grips delivered yesterday and wouldn't mind getting someone who knows what they're doing to swap over to them too maybe. I watched a couple of videos online on how to do it but I'm not super comfortable trying it myself. Maybe I should just man-up and try though.

    Oh and bigjugs.. a little bit of info from the "I just tried this yesterday and you might be curious to try it so here's what I found out" files. I removed the baffles and packing from my Cruzers yesterday to hear what it sounds like. It's so very very awesome but very loud. The baffles are easy to remove (1 screw each pipe.. however I had to take out 2 bolts that held the bottom pipe to this plate thing to drop it down a fraction so I could get the Allen key in) and put back in but the packing was a bit of a pain to remove.. had to use a long flathead screwdriver to sort of pry the packing from the pipes a bit then used some needle nose pliers to wiggle and yank the stuff out of there. The baffles were just a reach in and yank out job. I'm going to put the baffles back in tonight because although it's an absolute animal without them I worry a bit about bugging my neighbours, their neighbours and their neighbours' neighbours. Leaving the packing out though. The pipes sound really awesome as they come anyway and you'll love them but I was curious to hear how they sounded without the stuff..

    Just thought I'd share that with you because it wasn't super easy to find information about it online.. especially not from someone with the same bike.
  9. hey guys, i gotta say its good to have this cruiser thread happening , and a big bonus to be talking about these bikes, i have a 650 and a 1100. red and black respectively and both classics.
    there is great info from the 650 forum but this forum is local so stay with us.!!!!

    you will see plenty of info regarding popping sound and that it relates to AIS once
    aftermarket pipes are on, best ya google it . - i need to do mine as well just been lazy
    and had the never -ending man flu .
    AIS is basically pollution control.
  10. Thanks BrmBrmBrad, you won't believe it, my 650 is also a Red one! 2010 model.

    I will keep the baffles as I want to be friends with my neighours, good to hear that someone else has given it a go without them.

    For the install it appears streetmaster is the choice for me. Just need to order the parts next week and have them delivered.
  11. ...mine is also a 2010 model :shock: have you removed your rear seat too?

    AIS hey? I saw the AIS removal instructions on that 650ccnd site but wasn't sure if we're allowed to do that in Australia and wasn't clear on the benefits. I may have to look further into it.

    I haven't looked into parts, do you need aftermarket jets? Or is that just if you actually change the air kit rather than just put a better filter in the stock housing? Look at me talking with all the lingo.. I have been a busy Googler.
  12. Yep, I think I'll do the "disable" method for the AIS that's on the ccnd site. That looks easy enough for me to handle. Now I just have to find a freakin marble! I don't completely understand what the marble is for though after looking at the diagram..

    EDIT: found a "better one".. not sure if we're allowed to post links but http://www.stargis.net/webslinger/Docs/ABetterAISDisable.pdf
  13. block the hose,
    i have been meaning to more research myself, i have read something about a kit on ebay
    - its not actually legal , but having a leak on a tree isnt either. )
    i have only done pipes but will get that k an n filter - i dont want to rejet and probbaly
    wont .- need to read more on other peeps experience, but i basically dont want to spend
    the money or have the hassle so i wont do the hypercharger that that will mean a definate rejet.
    plus i already upgrade my power by buying an 1100 and the missus now has the 650.
    kinda anyway as i am still R date.
  14. when you removed seat what did you do about the holes,
    i took mine off took some photos - loved it but put back on untill i decide what i like
    for sure
  15. Phil, I did remove the seat for about a week and have since put it back on. Got a good deal on Max & Willie saddle bags so have got the pillion seat back there to hold the bag lips together (more for asthetics than support). Also installed the railings to support the bags.

    The bags are very useful, one side takes care of my work laptop and stuff and the other side for some lunch. yum. No need to hold a backpack making an uncomfortable ride.

    The bike looks better now with the saddle bags and rear seat. Looks bulky and bigger.

    Will put up new pics soon showing how it looks now.
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  17. my 650 has bags, on my 1100 i found a cool solution. I adjusted the strap on my laptop
    bag really short , and now it hangs over seat and sits on one side, easy as to put on/off
    and looks neat.

    i added a heap of black tape around metal rings of laptop bag so its doesnt scratch.
    - problem is like the bags i need the seat on. The black bike without the seat looks totally badass.
  18. I think maybe a mod said no no to my reply coz of the links in it.
    Anyways, I left the bolts in the holes where my rear seat was. I use the rear big one to hold my L plate with the L plate's suction cup securing the bottom of it to the rear fender. I'm thinking about buying the Yamaha rear fender rack to fill the space which looks pretty neat. Adds some more chrome too. I don't plan on using the rear seat, not that I can, so I'd rather have it off. CruiserCustomizing has it for the best price which is about $50 cheaper delivered than Yamaha quotes on their Australian store site before shipping.
  19. yeah there is a few on ebay too, plus you get billet plate ones that look really cool.
    i am thinking i that path as the solution - hoping to be able to hook my laptop bag over
    it as well.
    i dont commute much on bike though so its not a biggy- check ebay !
  20. Old thread revival time!

    So, you want to talk about weird? I've got a 2010 Yamaha XVS650A as well. Yeah, so what? It's also red. Not weird enough? Ok, so I bought it around the same time as BrmBrmBrad, for around the same price and with around the same number of km on it, give or take.

    Big deal you say?

    Ok, so anyway a couple of weeks ago, I started riding my bike into work, and I noticed there's another red XVS650A with an L plate that sometimes parks in the same place as mine, and it turns out to be owned by a bloke who works in the same building as me. On the same floor. In the same area. Actually, about 10 metres behind me. I can see the top of his head right now.

    I could be wrong, but based on this thread I reckon that's BrmBrmBrad. Am I right?
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