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XVS650 re-jetting kit

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by louis0129, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. hi, i have 2014 xvs650 classic month ago, now i want to change the exhaust which is vance hines cruzers & also change the k&n air filter, so i want to do the re-jetting. but i found vance hines jet kit on ebay is only for until 2007, is it suitable for my 2014? any body knows about it? thanks

  2. manuel-que.
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  3. Hi Louis, the elequent replies above are meant to indicate that you need to introduce yourself in a welcome thread before jumping in asking for advice.
    After that, getting back to your questions how mechanical are you ?
    Are you happy and capable to do the rejecting ?
    Where are you located ?
    I did a similar upgrade on my 2012 650 custom. I fitted the exhausts and then had a shop do the re-jetting and change the filter at the same time. Two attempts later it turned out that they couldn't. I ended up taking it to a tuner with a dyno to properly set it up.
    From what I've seen most of the gear for the modern XVS cruisers is all interchangeable between years.
    Have a look at the carby specs for the 2007 classic and compare it to what's fitted on yours. There are a number of good US sites for the 650's that will show the details.
  4. Actually mine was because, after reading the post 3 time, I still couldn't figure out what he wanted.

    Textglish might be fine with your mates, but if you want technical advice on a forum, then you need to use English. And, no, I'm not being a pedant. I, myself, am a clumsy typist. You do, however, need to used good written English because diagnosing something in writing is impossible unless you are very specific.