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XVS650 or Shadow VT750c

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by julesm007, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. I am currently riding a Hyosung Aquila GV250. Been out looking at, sitting on and talking to salesmen about the Yamaha's and the Honda's.

    I am now really torn between the two. Would love some feedback from owners of either....................

  2. I haven't heard bad things about either bikes. My brother has a xvs650 and it's a great bike, never had a problem. I guess the styling comes down to personal taste, I think the Honda has a very ugly looking driveshaft which detracts from the clean lines of the rest of the bike.

    The Yamaha is air cooled, which I personally prefer. Radiator is ugly - again personal taste, and the difference in power would be negligble I imagine. A liquid cooled system would be just another thing to go wrong (not that things go wrong on a Honda anyway?)

    Resale for the yammie will be much better than the Honda because they're LAMS approved and always in high demand.

    Just my 2c
  3. I've been on a VStar650 for the last 2 years and have been very happy with it. Never been on the Honda but seen them around and looks wise they are on a par with the VStars imo. It would be helpful to know why you are upgrading from the 250, if its a need for cubic capacity, why stop at the 650 or 750? If you don't want to go "too big" (is there such a term?) consider the Yamaha 950 rather than the 650, at least your out of LAMS territory then, bit more respectable ;)
  4. More a price consideration as much as anything!! Have looked at a few Vulcan 900 but feel they are just a tad too big. Like the idea of the resale value remaining good on the XVS650. Had originally decided on the honda but had a look at the XVS650 and started to like that too!! Maybe my hubby can buy the yamaha and I will buy a Honda!! Then have one of each.
  5. hawklod is selling an xvs650 with a little ver 10k on the clock, lovely looking bike too, check the bikes for sale section
  6. i have owned both xvs650 and vt750 and i like my shadow more then the vstar.. the Honda has a lower seat height which better suits me for my back and hip problems.. also i believe they look allot better... and not everyone has a shadow either
  7. I've a Yamaha XVS650 Custom. 4 months & 9200 KMS later, It's been awesome. Shaft drive so lesser maintenance. Havent ridden the Honda yet so can't comment on that.

    Also NightOwl is selling her XVS650 & it's in immaculate condition.

    Check the 'for sale' section.
  8. Pretty sure Hawklord is a guy!!
    I think you guys mean Nightowl :)
  9. At the end of the day you need to ride both and then make up your own mind.
  10. That's what I meant. Duhhh! ](*,)
  11. Thanks Everyone, I was leaning towards the Shadow, it just appeals to me more, but I will go and have a ride on both and see what speaks to me after that!!!

    The Hyosung is up for sale so I am feeling pretty excited at the prospect of moving onto my 2nd bike!!
  12. My opinion is biased as I ride a 750ACE, but I have ridden both, I prefer the riding position on the ACE and I do prefer the lines, it just looks IMO more old school'ish.

    I also find the VT easier to corner and it has enough low end to still assist you in making your way through heavier traffic, but again I have put more kliks on a VT than I have on an XS.

    Happy to swing by a training session if you want to compare the both side by side, from what I've read there would be one or two Yammies there on most Sat'dees.

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  13. Nice bike you got there Uncle Nobby! :D

    I like similar style bikes as well and love those circular rear view mirrors. Simple, Classy Elegant! (y)
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  14. thanks mate, she has to do me till my Lotto cheque comes in so I treat her with respect

  15. ok, Im new to netrider, and all things to do with bikes....... where and what would the training session be??

    Thanks for the feedback too Nobby, I must say the VT750 does appeal to me more and have pretty much decided to look into them first after selling my current wee beastie!!!LOL

  16. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=115150
  17. Add one vote for the Yam XVS650. Not because of the ride but because it will be easier to trade.

    A mid range cruiser that ANYONE can buy (including LAMS riders) is a massive resale boon. Only fully licensed ruiders can buy the 750, and many of them are looking at the bigger bruisers. There is a real mental distinction between a 750c and say, an 800 or 900.
  18. I must say, I think i am having a mental distinction between the 650 and the 750cc. I like the idea of having a bike outside of LAMS, but have looked at the Vulcan 900 and it seems huge!!!!! I also would hope to hang onto this bike for quite some time!!! Wont be much left on the money tree after this purchase so would expect to have it for quite a few yrs!!!! But i do appreciate that resale value is a factor in this purchase! Thanks AussieRobin.
  19. Go the Yamaha! (y) Beautiful bike. Not that I'm baised. :D

    Come down to St Kilda & you can touch it as well.
  20. the newer shadowz are shaft drive aswell..