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XVS650 or 1100 from a 250.

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Big W, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. Just after some advice from any of the wiser amoungst the group??

    Will be graduating from my P's fairly soon & looking forward to doing some highway cruising.

    I'm definately set on the V-Star XVS but remain undecided as to go for the 650 or 1100?

    I'm sure both would do freeway speeds fairly comfortably (especially the 1100) but do you think it'd be too much/dangerous for me to go straight to the 1100 from my trusty CB250?

    I've been looking around and you can buy a second hand 1100 for not that much more than the 650 so there is value for money there by the looks of it.

    This is why I thought I could buy the 1100 & 'commute' whilst gettin used to it before hitting the freeway???

    So my questions are: am I risking my life unnecessarily by buying an 1100 straight up, and will a 650 sit at freeway speeds quite comfortably (including hills etc)/
  2. I rode a Yamaha XV250cc for a year, did about 12,000 kilometres during that time. I went straight from there onto a Yamaha XV1100cc. First few rides I got hubby to ride the 1100 and we went out onto some country roads and swapped bikes. It felt heavy at first, especially cornering, and I was worried about manouvering it around (still have problems with that but I'm not very strong) but after 3 or 4 rides I felt confident enough to ride it all the time. As long as you take the first few times easy and at your own pace, it shouldn't take long to adjust, and don't forget the extra power is totally within the hand that controls the throttle.
  3. The 650 and 1100 look pretty similar and the seat height would again be very similar. The 1100 would be more powerful but far heavier (around 40kg dry). The extra weight might not be a problem at speeds but might be more difficult at lower speeds. The 650 chews through hills and highways with ease, ive never had a situation when I said OH SCHANPS no power, however if you want power power and more power then definately get the bigger brother. Selling the bike might actually favour the 650 because of its LAMS status.

    I normally ride with a guy with a 1100 and they are a top reliable machines, as is the 650. You wont be disapointed.

    If your still after a 650 then I might be selling mine soonish......where in Sydney are you?
  4. Neither if you ask me get the XVS 950.
  5. So, the 650 sit's ok on the freeway huh? Thats good! I'm in Berowra. Plenty of good ridin' up this way. EVERYONE goes up along the old pacific highway, stops at Pie In the Sky then ride onto the central coast. P.S The local constabulary like it too!

    Yeah, saw those. Prefer the 'styling' of the 650 or 1100 though. Not a huge fan of running boards etc. They're still made on the same frame though aren't they? Similar seat height, wheelbase etc?

    Sounds sensible. That's along the lines of what I thought I should do ('sept without the husband...my wife wouldn't be too impressed!)
  6. She sits great on the freeway, you could just cruise along on higher gear all day long without a fuss.....................But if youve got hoonish intentions then the 1100 would be the better bike for you ;). Price wise the 650 seems to be better because of all the LAMS buyers :).

    I love Old Pac, although I find riding the lil 2 stroke aprilia more fun than the cruiser on that road. Hopefully ill head down your way in the next coming weeks, I seriously need to regain my riding confidence especially on that road. For someone that lives near NSW's riding mecca are you absolutely sure that you want a highway churner like a cruiser :-s ?

    These cruisers are low enough. A board and any amount of corner would be a scrape fest.

    Hey you never know..............lol
  7. Nup. I can assure you I have no hoon tendancies! Otherwise I'd buy a V-Max or something!!

    Just want the assurance that there is plenty of power on tap for hills etc...especially the Moony Mooney & Big Dipper!
  8. Hey Big W, I've had the XVS650 Custom for the last 2 & 1/2 months and have clocked about 4700 KMS on freeways, hills, twisties - you name it. Have done 2 group rides with various bikes and have had no problems keeping up. Has a lot of grunt as well and I can assure you, it has plenty of power.

    But if you are upgrading, then by all means, go for the bigger brother. I would! :D

    BTW have you considered any other makes? I know Yamaha's are awesome but is there any other make you've thought about? Somewhere in the middle a la Triumph Speedmaster or America (Both 860 CC). I've sat on both and they are both VERY comfortable. One of them potentially could be my next bike (Or maybe the Ducati Monster or maybe one of a Moto Guzzi). :D
  9. Thanx LL, thats reassuring! I've seen some pretty hot 650's & 1100's. Especially when people add th aftermarket pipes, T handlebars, lowered...

    I went for the Yammy simply because I like the styling and how they look with a few simple mods.

    Not loyal to any brand really, just after reliability. But I will certainly check out the Triumph etc.

    I even saw the new Honda VT1300. man that thing looks quick just sitting still! bit out of my price range though.
  10. I added Vance & Hines Cruzers exhausts before I even picked up my bike and just love them. Haven't done anything with the handlebar as I'm ok with them tho added Kuryakyn levers which has made the handling very comfortable.

    Triumph Speedmaster (LINK HERE) has drag style handlebars and alloy wheels etc already fitted and you can get some nice exhausts from Triumph themsleves to make then sound even better. New ones start at bit over $14.5 K.

    I'm not sure about Moto Guzzi prices but there are a lot of options. All the Japenese brands have nice cruisers in that range (and even cheaper as well) so it is a tough decision.

    Let us know how go? Either with checking Triumph out or your final purchase. Best of Luck!
  11. My ex started riding later in life ( something to do with wanting to be in control and not just on the back all of the time lol )

    She was 5'3 and 50kgs sopping wet, she stepped straight from the 250 virago to the 1100 and never had a problem from day one, she loved the extra response from the bigger engine and she also found the extra weight led to more stability in the wind ect.

    After a little instruction she was able to even lift it up of the ground in a simulated drop [ gently layed down by myself onto a bed of blankets ]

    So in answer to your question, no I would not see a problem as long as you took your time to adjust to the weight and extra power :angel:
  12. Thanks for your input peeps! It's been a great help!
  13. keep us up to date on your purchase :)
  14. I went straight from a 250 to an 1100. Being 6'2" and 110 kgs, I thought the extra power might be nice. I was correct. I have since done 10,000 kms and love every second on it.

    In WA we have to do the test again on the bigger bike to progress from restricted 250 licence to open, which I did on the 1100. It is a bit more difficult at low speeds due to the weight, but manageable. But it rides beautifully at 110 on the open highway.
  15. I went from 250 Virago to 1900 Roadliner, bit of a step up but didn't have any problems. Bigger is better!
  16. Yeah, thats what I reckon. Did the 1900 just about rip yer arms off at first??
  17. No I found it quite manageable, but I was s&@t scared when I first got on it :)
    The more difficult aspect is braking, as it obviously weighs a lot more than a 250!
  18. What about cornering etc??
  19. Well obviously 350kg doesn't handle like 125 but I didn't find it burdensome. Oddly enough I found the 1900 yammy handled the same or better than the 1300, a rocket iii and a Suzuki c109.
  20. I went and got a 250 lic and bought a 2300cc Triumph and rode it around for 12 months and did my big bike test on it. Had some fun moments in the early days:D
    I did have some big bike experience but had not been on one for 20 years.

    But basically if you are a sensible rider,you are ready for any bike.=D>
    The more cc,the better in cruisers,but they need to be geared right.
    If top gear is too low,they soon become annoying on long rides with the engine yelling it head off.
    You need something that can do the max speed limit and be under 3000 rpm in my opinion.