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XVS650 oil filter relocation kit

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Darrin Hodges, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Thats a lot of oil filters for that price!
  2. It is expensive but I guess its been engineered to fit, not a generic part that just bolts on. The upside is that it makes oil /filter changes a heck of lot quicker.
  3. i considered it when i had mine, but other upgrades came first!
    great bike!
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  4. There's a few makers for these, Jardine are typically the most expensive.
    If I become rich again I'd get one.
    Turns an oil change into a 15 minute job, rather than 1 hr plus. Also saves wear on the exhaust brackets and gaskets etc.
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  5. Does the standard exhaust have to be removed for an oil change? Mine has short shots and they aren't in the way.
  6. I think it's maybe the stock exhaust, I have cruisers and I reckon I could do it without taken them off but the idea of a 1 minute filter change is attractive!
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  7. Normally you can't get the filter cover plate off, and therefore change the filter, with the front pipe attached.
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  8. Not polished and machined to such a high standard, one would assume this is totally cosmetic though.
    You will have to paint or finish it off if you're not blind!

    For $300 I would be using top quality synthetics oils and swapping the filter every 2-3 oil changes if replacing the filter is such a chore.
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