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XVS650 mystery extra connectors

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Darrin Hodges, Jun 5, 2015.

  1. looking at adding lights to my xvs. I took the headlight out to see what's in the shell. I found three unused connectors: 1 black and 2 red, the black doesn't seem to be ground and the red ones don't seem to carry power. its a separate loom that runs back under the tank (might take tank off to see where they go) but has anybody else seen these connectors and know what they are for? they don't seem to be in the bikes circuit diagram either.


  2. It might be for the running lights on a classic.
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  3. OK, they go to some device that is attached to the frame above the front cylinder:


    it doesnt have any other connectors other than the 2 reds & 1 black
  4. Does it all appear to be stock ?
    May have been added by previous owner.
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  5. dunno, might have a look in the local dealership and see if its present or not.
  6. It is possible it has had HID lights at some stage. The standard lights are fairly crap so someone may have tried to improve the lights
    By fitting H I D lights that require a ballast box.
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  7. The purple heatsink thing?
    Any writing on it?
    If not HID ballast, could be a resistor for LED blinkers
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  8. It looks too big for that, but you never know
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  9. True, but they might have gone overkill with a 50W res :)

    See if wires connect to anything. If not, check the resistance. And look for markings on it
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  10. its already got led indicators, so I think its a hid ballast as suggested by oldcorollas. I found a few on eBay that looked similar. I guess the previous owner never got round to finishing. still, doesnt help with my adding lights! ideally I'd like them on their own switched circuit, just need to find a waterproof switch.

    thanks for your help guys :)
  11. Jay car will sell them, and many auto / boating stores.