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Featured xvs650 low speed steering

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Darrin Hodges, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. I've noticed that the slow-speed steering on the xvs650 seems quite heavy, is this normal? I was watching one of the videos from the MOST training day and somebody on an xvs appeared to be struggling at low speed as well.

  2. Big heavy cruisers are always going to be tough to steer at low speeds. I wouldn't worry too much. Try to go abit quicker
  3. Yes, any raked cruiser is going to be heavy and hard to steer at low speed. The larger (longer) the rake the more top heavy they will feel at low speeds.
    Once you get moving they're fine, but it's something to be wary of at low speeds like parking.
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  4. A gentle weave at low speeds (a little faster than walking speed) is typical, but experienced riders of this type of bike seem to get over it. This can be complicated by slightly low front tyre pressure.
  5. Better late than never. I found on mine that tyre pressure was critical, it just felt like a different bike if they were low, but in general it steered pretty well. I also spent a lot of time in empty carparks practicing u turns and so on. You'll be throwing it around and scraping your pegs in no time im sure :)
  6. Would a steering damper help for low speed?
  7. No, IMO it would make it even harder to steer at low speed?
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  8. No
  9. OK thanks guys, just gonna have to get used to it. might have to find a quiet street and practice.
  10. You will get used to it and learn to control it.
    It's just the weight and steering rake that makes it harder to balance than most sports bikes.

    The slower you go, the harder it is to balance.
    You turn the steering a little to make it more predictable, so you end up doing a little left, then a little right, then a little left and so on.
    That's why many cruisers seem to be wobbling down the road.
    As you get more experienced and your balance improves it will become easier and you'll get better.
    And as you get better the wobble will get smaller.
  11. Yep the rake, even with a moderate Rake of 29 degr. my Bolt is difficult to steer in tight parking spaces, always try to back in if possible at all. Cheerio
  12. When I had a Honda VT400 I would get quite an upper body workout at Saturday morning practice weaving through the cones for a few hours.