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XVS650 fuel tank

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by mattb, May 4, 2011.

  1. XVS650 owners:

    You don't have a sub-fuel tank (as in a seperate one under the seat) do you - you only have the one main tank and it's gravity fed to the carbs. That's right isn't it?

    (I want to verify as it appears the 650 tank will fit over the bulky backbone of my XV535's frame. I want to ditch my two tanks, with all the hoses, electronic reserve switch, electonic fuel pump, and no doubt rust and 20 year's agedness thrown in, for the simplicity of one old-fashioned tank.)


  2. Matt that is correct the XVS650 doens't have a sub-fuel tank, just the gravity fed main tank. I've had it off plenty of times now...
  3. Thanks mate. I looks like they cleared up a few bits of nonsense when they changed from the 535 to the 650 (though it was an evolution of which mine is the second of three steps - the first generation 535 had just the sub-fuel tank, in order to have a chopper-style fake tiny tank up top).
  4. One more question: just roughly, what's the length of the 650 tank? I went into Yamaha the other day to get a visual (they're a bit funny in that particular small shop, so I didn't bother asking if I coiuld pull a ruler out) and the 650 tanks are pretty bike. Might have to factor in cutting thr tank shorter, or looking at something else.
  5. Matt,

    I'll measure mine tonight for you......where do you want it measured from/to.......?

  6. Thanks Gerry! Basically, I only need a rough measurement from the tip of the tank down to the end at the point that it meets the seat, in a way which indicates what sort of distance I'd need available on my bike to fit it. So holding a measure from the side and gauging the length by sight would do.
  7. Hi Matt,

    From the side view, I make the full tank length to be ~ 54cms. The seat covers about 1cm of that.

    From a top down view, the tank at it's narrowest is ~ 24cms, and ~ 48cms at it's widest.

    Let me know if you need any more info.

  8. Thanks Gerry. The 650 tank is a bit too big it seems. A shame as it's hard to find a tank which can fit over the 535's back bone. Back to the drawing board!