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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by DZOG21, May 20, 2007.

  1. NOD and a WAVE to my dear readers.

    This will be my personal review on my prized female companion my XVS650 CUSTOM 98 Model whom I love like no other woman I have ever recieved an endless amount of dangerous pleasure from before.

    It all started with sports bikes, I had eyes on the RVF400 and was determined to get my own transport for commutin, and I couldnt be bothered with the cars as my immediate family has a 80 somthing model XJS12 and an XR8 tickford, as well as a little lancer so I needed a change, even though I always wanted to be a race car driver growing through my adolecence. I reviewed many bikes of all shapes and sizes and I could not find something which rubbed me right, until I came across Breakisha, my now adorable other half.

    From the moment she was stylishly delivered and rolled so confidentley towards my speeding heart I knew it was more than your average love affair, This baby has all the curves of a softail harley with less than half the maitenence, and just the right age and size for a young dog like myself to ride without adultery coming into the equation.

    I was hesitant to turn her on, while i sat, kissed and dazed at my bride although God sent me the messaage, I pushed that perfect ignition switch and she vibrated me from the middle both ways and shook me into what a doctor would call 'obsession'.

    My baby sounded just right, as she glistened in the sun and made each and every onlooker drip with a envious dew all I wanted to do was comfort her. We bonded and I dam near put friction holes in my polish cloth and after this I decided to take her gentley around my building complex.

    She rumbled and purred like a late teenager and is so suprisingly quick off the mark with what could be mistaken for a racing clutch she so proudly flaunts to your sensitive touch.

    I could tell you more about her but I choose to deal with competition swift and lethaly, so let me explain some things about my girls immediate sisters, the 'other' XVS650 CUSTOMs.

    They have such a beautiful streamlined body, with a more than enough powerful engine, a unique clutch which definatley suits the bike and nimble enough to do whatever you wish to do with their 19" front wheel which adds an even sportier look.

    In stock trim they sound real tame, a quick and efficient "TELMO MOD" will fix this to a degree. It consists of drilling holes in the muffler, meeting the holes to form a smiley face with one eye at the top.
    The airbox should be removed from under the tank and replaced with a set of pod filters called the GAK.

    The exhaust can be fully gutted and slash cut, or remove some baffles for a nicer sound or there are plenty of beautiful aftermarket bolt straight on full exhaust kits specially made for this beautiful addition to your gloating muscle.
    Air intake should be further freed with a Hyper charger, which is made by KURYAKYN as along with many other accesories for this gem of a girl.

    These mods would require needles and jets to be done, which is a fairley simple thing to do ourselves with the right information which I will glefully pass on to anybody whoms interested in.

    Over all I could not ask and would not dare trade by baby. She is somthing from another planet and if you have style, expectation and respect you are missing an XVS650 Custom from your lifestlye overall.

    After modifications, I wouldnt dare to rate this bike less than a 10/10 for a learner, I mean pussy attracts pussy, and this baby is TIGHT.

    Anybody want to pass on a question il be around here occasionally, or email me at unoturko@hotmail.com

    Do yourself a favour, get married.
  2. gday mate

    Sounds like this bike has potential After crashing my xv250, decided to upgrade. Picking up an xvs650 dragstar next week 97 model - test ride was awesome! comes w Jardine Pipes + Ventura handle...a genuine sounds unlike virago stock pipes no baffles constant scream whn travelling at the same speed...lol

    Was wondeirng if you know stuff about the alarm under the xvs650 seat - it's switched off apparently so that the bike can run...do u kno wat reason would be - and the previous owner suggests it's not the 'charger'? hmmm - wud be cool to get the alarm wokring again,,,