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XVS650 Custom Bobber

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by KustomCandy, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. #1 KustomCandy, Jan 29, 2016
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
    Here go's.
    I had plans to find a looked after XVS to start this project right from the get-go. No point in spending big money on something thats going to be pulled down right? (We will see)..

    Found a Bike local. A Recovered Stolen Vehicle for a fair price. Needed a little touching up, which was fine, as It'd be painted anyway.
    So, Many Builds end up having a name reminiscent to the builds history. And so far, this bike has been fighting back just fine!

    So getting on with it. My leads to finding Pipes has been hit and miss. So I turned my attention to finding an Ignition Barrel and Locking Fuel Cap (Cut off from thieves). After looking at used OEM gear (Off shore) I decided to use a Universal Key lock and generic Fuel cap.. (In transit) This was supposed to be a Hot Rod after all.

    What I didn't consider was the Neck plate being removed and lost and its cost to replace. Again nothing in Aust. And $80av from the U.S. Hell, I figured I'll make my own. Why not. Its being Modded any way. How hard can it be? Its only plastic, And I've played with Glass before.

    So today, I tackled the Pattern for my 3D Neck Plate. neckplate template.
    So far so good.

    vstar home2.
    As she is today.

    neckplate templatewire.
    Wire backbone for pattern.
    Finished off laying a coat of epoxy down. I hope the cold weather hasn't tripped me up with my Catalyst ratio?

  2. Weekends coming to a close..
    You know how what seemed like a good idea at the time, etc...... Yeah. Its had me close to pulling the plug on the damn neck plate. But I have a Young lad also building himself a Garage custom (Cafe) watching over my shoulder. And I cant show any signs of weakness! On with the show.
    Saying that. If I was to do this again, I WOULD have just excepted I needed to build a Plug first. Extending the time... But Man, A lot less hassle. Ya' live and learn.

    glassed templates.

    Those with experience in the Industry can laugh now. :) But Hey. It aint full of Body filler and chicken wire :D

  3. Well, Time fly's. So where are we at?

    I eventually got to a point I was happy with where I was at, cosmetically. Considering I had to create an Identical Mirror 3D panel with no ref. It turned out pretty Good.... Course, I now find I wont use it!! :(



    Neckplate cleared.

    At around this point, I have the rear Number plate/brake light dismantled (It'd been chopped off by thieves) And Im ready to rebuild my own also. Once I got to this point, I had a thought. I need body work on the Tank. Why not change the colour while I'm at it.. BUT, would that be ok with the VIV inspectors? Long story short. would be NO!
    So from that search, I find a new section on what the VIV inspectors Expect (why I didn't find this the first time who knows?). Basically these guys are pretty anal. My Home made Neck plate would possibly fail inspection, along with my NON-oem HD- Sporster ignition switch purchased! F..... it. I went looking for the parts used.

    I find one in the UK. its like $60-70Aust landed. Luckily, Im given a part number too. With that, I do a search and find a parts dealer in the U.S. They ship internationally.. And I dont have to sell a Kidney to have it landed. Sweet! So, Ordered Left side Frame plate, oem Ignition lock, Rear fender support (number plate bracket).. Still waiting on delivery.

    Also picked up a Locking Fuel cap to replace the plastic generic replacement the thieves had been using.
    fuel cap.

    pipes in.

    Sourced a set of Pipes from NSW for a good price too.

    pipes fitted.

    More to come.

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  4. Update: No Parts arrived in the Mail. So I looked into the tank repaired.

    Drained 5ltrs of fuel left and found a few small broken pieces of Fuel cap bouncing around inside.
    Dings circled.

    With 80grt and a Orbital sander. Ripped off that baked 2pac paint, lickity-split.
    How do you do that much damage to remove a locking cap, I ask?

    I grabbed an old unused Grinder disc chuck to weld and pull my dents, using my trusty Home made Slide Hammer (AKA Dent puller).
    Grinder chuck was replaced with piece of mild steel scrap tab. Cause that Chuck wouldn't weld for S......t

    HM dent puller.

    Being my first time venturing this far into Body repairs. Its takin a fair bit longer then I first expected. Then again, Im limited by Tools and hands. Thankfully, I can stand on one leg weighting the tank down with the other to work my slide hammer techniques.
    First Ding is a little messy.. But its my first and all.. And it'll come up ok later with filler. The second looks pretty spiff tho as I start to get a feel for the tool. That one above is going to be the nightmare with a raised lip thats been caved in.. Cant wait to tackle that one...
    blued dings.

    Moving forward..

  5. Looking good mate
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  6. Thanks Mate

  7. Home from work and Aust post has left a box for me. Parts delivery are in.

    Today I worked on pulling dents. I have learn't a few things from this en-devour. And I'll openly share with.
    First: Dont get crazy pulling your dents out. Its real easy to crack the the metal if you flex it to much (Weld material wont bend at all).. Start from the out side and work around the dent. Except filler will be used!
    Once you have that down. Two. And this one is important! Keep a real damn close eye on your petcock for shifting into RESERVE allowing remaining fuel to seep out onto your work bench and potentially igniting from Welders spatter, to leave you running around like superman at speed removing everything out of danger and getting shit under control!! In my defense. In all my years of welding. This is my only mishap.
    And Dont bend the tabs welded, thinking you can pull the dent out... Again, cracking the metal is likely to happen.
    Did I mention, go slowly?
    dints pulled2.

    Once I was close, that I can keep filler to a minimum. I laid down a coat of epoxy filler.

    After the fun and games Ive had so far with this bike.. I'm thinking a name is in order.

    Getting closer now, I can smell that tarmac.

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  8. Ok Ok.... Time to kick this up a gear. A Month has passed (Damn it, time is flying by) Mirrors ordered have arrived earlier then expected. Other then Tires, Thats all I need to put this girl together to have inspected.

    So far so good. Back to Body work. Shaved those Raised decals from the sides of tank. IF I use the tank or go Sporty style, remains to be seen.. Yet.
    In my absence, Waiting for mirrors, I found an old coffee table minus glass top.
    A good stash of 1" tube for chop'n for a trial of home made bars I had scratched out on a not pad.. And I'm likening!

    shaved decal.

    The Thieves for reasons unknown. Instead of just unbolting the Number plate thought they'd lop it off with a 4" grinder.. Faster perhaps??
    So today I went about addressing this area. The entire fender is a little shabby as is, So I'll kill two birds with one bullet.. I mean, stone. :)

    The Damaged area has been dressed back with, first a DA sander (Carefully). To make a well. Then with a piece of 80grit, hand roughed the area so the Epoxy will adhere. Glass matting was then cut. (Two of) to double up and over lap one-another.

    Fender cut.

    Scuff and go.. Almost

    Tins scuffed.

    Pretty busy day.. May go grab a Hamburger and call it a night.

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  9. Paint's being laid down. Rear fender is Primed/Scuffed.
    Tank has been etched and Colour laid down, Then scuffed.

    prime scuffed.

    Went looking for a set of shoe's to suit the cause.. D404s mounted.

    Its almost fit the parts back together for a sing song... Getting keen!

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  10. Update: With all Parts sourced. I moved to clean up duties. Removing the Rocker box's (That is one biatch of a job) for a good clean.
    Chrome Polished, is the Ducks Guts.. It never gets old!
    Wheels too. The front wheel I'm sure had never been cleaned of Disc powder.. Hours later........
    The rear Fender has Colour. Tank has had issues with Primer, top-coat incompatibilities.. I'm on top of it now. And I didn't take a Hammer to the tank after all.
    Assembly begins.

    polish r.



    fender painted.

    rearwheel ass.

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  11. Awesome..

    More pics please..

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  12. Slowly gaining interest. Admittedly, Its pretty boring so far. I promos, It'll ramp up.

    So holding me up. My primer was not compatible with going to bed with my top coat. That and I was being inpatient.
    I switched Paint Co's. And Im pretty happy with the product so far.
    Today the weather looked fine.. Sure enough to paint some. So, once again. I sanded back the damage. Did the trial test. Which kept me happy to commence round 6. Going easy, I dusted on my Coats to build a foundation. Note: This is ONLY to appease the inspection. Final colour will change and be done in accordance with proper due care and diligence.

    Tomorrow we paint!

    And, First mod is already planned the moment Inspection is good to go!
    I love finding scrap laying around :)


    bad paint.

    bad paint2.
  13. The morning was looking good for paint. Light mist coats to lay down first. All was good. Lay down another.. Again. Looked promising. So I went at it for a gloss finish to cross the finish line. Drink the Champagne and kiss the Girl. Just before walking out I noticed a small dimple. Crossed my fingers and hoped the final layer would flash off fast enough to not get any worse. When I walked back out for inspection. Boom!!
    And you know what? No damn lint was seen in the paint.

    No more F***king around. Its all coming OFF, and I'll start over!!! I should now better..
    Motaspray wrinkle.

    Motaspray wrinkle3.

    Motaspray wrinkle4.

    Motaspray wrinkle5.

    And yes thats Blush you see too.
    Surprised my Tank didn't just Melt like an icecream on a summers day with the luck Ive had so far.

    I'll be back....

  14. It's not an enamel primer and an acrylic top coat is it? Sorry but couldn't see if you were using 2pac or aerosols.
  15. After crapping it off, I found the paint was still doughy. So I got caught out on my curing times and the weather. It was an enamel in Pressure pack.
    All resolved now. I took it right back to save any more aggravation, picked a mild day and used a free can of cheap Gloss (pressure pack) I had been given to me.. It'll pass, for what I need it to do.. Well, It should.

    Need to start sorting out the paperwork and cataloging my repairs. Any one know how long a wait is to get into a VIV inspection?