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XVS650 Classic. Bobber project

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Nov 17, 2013.

  1. Ive decided to do a bobber conversion on my trusty 2006 XVS classic and I like the Blue collar bobbers so far. I have some interesting colors planned but would be interested to see other conversions of riders that have gone before me. Does anyone know any good links to either Aussy or USA sites that are good?

  2. I know you're in QLD, but if you feel like chatting to a smart young mechanic at a Harley dealer in Blacktown (Sydney), he's just finished converting his xvs650 into a bobber. His name is Jake, nice bloke and quite proud of his work, he'd probably be more than happy for you to call him and he'll send you pics and links. Ask for Jake in the workshop at HD Blacktown.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on Jake, I may just chase him down. I`ve pretty much planned it out and placed orders but I`l always interested in learning more about other options. Spoke directly to a nice bloke today who has almost completed a VN800. Looked pretty nice with powdercoated spoked rims. He invited me to have a set and I was able to test out the large ones from Blue Collar Bobbers first hand so to speak. Really comfortable!! I was a tad concerned I wouldn`t fit it just right but now I know . Its all good.

    Thanks again Razor
  4. Great! Keep us updated - would love to see work-in-progress pics!
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  5. Duck into Rocker Classic Motorcycles in Nundah Randall. They use the BCB kits, and Sams bobbered his XVS650 himself.

    I've had a chat with a guy who did his, he said the kit was very simple, took him about 3 hours to fit everything including wiring in the lights. Wish I had the spare cash sitting around cause I'd do the same thing.

    The little 650 just doesn't cut it for longer rides, but would be a great little city cafe bobber.
  6. Thanks Addict. I want to keep this little 650....they are awesome around town and the Bobbers look pretty sweet in my opinion. looks like I will get a HD later on, (fat Bob) but for now, its the 650 I`m having fun with so she stays with me. Permanently.
  7. Yeah I feel you. I would love to do the same but the misses would kill me. So hopefully next year the 650 will go for either a Fat Bob or Road Glide / Street Glide. I'd love to build a bagger.
  8. Took the V Star for an impromptu 200 klm ride this arvo with rain clouds following me. Managed to stay dry out through Dayboro and up the mountain to Mt Glorious and Mt Nebo, still under dark clouds past Wivenhoe Dam and Fernvale. Centenary Hwy a few spits of rain, into the airport tunnel for 8 klms then emerged into pouring rain on the Gateway!!. Got home with a bit of water on the bottom half. Awesome fun though. The mountains were particularly pleasing.
    This bike is so good for the soul and it deserves to be a bobber :)
  9. IMG_2282.JPG IMG_2288.JPG IMG_2286.JPG Fished the conversion on Saturday and took the XVS up to Nebo and Mt Glorious today to make some final adjustments. I really like the set up and have shed about 30 kgs of weight. Handles better in my opinion but I guess thats expected as this was one of the reasons our 50`s and 60`s mates used to do to get a street racer with no clumsy faring and guards. Adjusted the suspension and bobs your uncle!! Just the paint and white walls to go. IMG_2282.JPG IMG_2288.JPG
  10. Woops.....seems my uploads have done their own thing. Sorry for the doubles.
  11. White Walls (Bridgestone ) fitted yesterday. Small poly carbonate tinted wind deflector fabricated and fitted. Wa Pretty happy with the classic Bobber look so far. IMG_2334.JPG IMG_2339.JPG s looking at Hydrographics for the paintwork but that is far too expensive to persue. Goung back to standard paint. Will just ride it now over the Christmas holidays and leave the painting until next year.
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  12. Whitewalls suit the style of bike!
  13. Thankyou for saying so Hornet. Have a great Christmas break and ride safe.
  14. XVS650 looks awesome as a bobber mate, well done!

    I'd love to see some more info on the conversion though, since you've gone from "I've decided to do a conversion" to "Here's the finished product" in about five minutes :)

    What I'd really like to see, if you wouldn't mind and have time:

    - Before and after photos (and "during" photos if you have any)
    - Costings (what parts did you buy, how much, and where did you get them?)
    - What work was involved, and how difficult was it?

    Why do I care? There's a VStar sitting about 10 feet away that could do with a mod like that :)
  15. Not that many photos during the conversion but I have a few. I will post up more info later when time permits. Right now I have a house full of relatives freeloading at my place over the christmas break. :)
  16. Very nice. Makes you want to just go for a long mellow ride. Chillin’ out in your own head space.
  17. It does look good, for some reason those small saddle type seats seem to suit the cruiser style, perhaps because it make them look lower.
  18. [​IMG]
    This is my effort.
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  19. Lukey, that is awesome!! Real different look. Gotta love the low rise wide arse bars!! Been meaning to ask someone, do those low slung saddlebags hit the ground on hard corners?
  20. IMG_2489.JPG

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