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XVS650 choke not working?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Darrin Hodges, May 28, 2015.

  1. I realised the other day that the choke on my xvs doesn't appear to work. I can pull it out and it will start but will stop unless I hold the throttle at around 800 - 1000rpm. I'm going to have a look at it this weekend but wondering if anybody else has had this issue.

  2. Darrin, isn't the idle speed on the 650 supposed to be set at 900 + ?
    I wouldn't expect that it would idle when cold if the idle speed has been set too low.
  3. will have to check, it idles at around 1100 when warmed up, but creeps closer to 1800 after been ridden for a while. I need to adjust that, but wondering if somebody tweaked the idle speed up in the past to make up for the choke not working when its just warming up
  4. Has it been properly tuned ?
    The choke on an XVS650 were never much good anyway, but it should increase the revs a little, and add fuel to make it easier to start when cold.
    If the idle revs are all over the place it sounds like the choke is out of whack, but so's the rest of it.
    I'd expect maybe 200 - 300 revs difference between cold idling and hot( been riding all day) idling.
    It should never jump up that high, but you shouldn't have to add more revs with the choke on.
  5. ok the manual says 1150 - 1250 for idle speed, ill have a look at the starter valve on the w/e and give it a tune while i'm at it i think, thanks!
  6. Lots of tuners will turn them right down to try and get that lumpy Harly sound, but you can't do it with the 650 without going to an extreme cam.
    It just causes these types of problems.
    Get it idling at 1000rpm when fully warm, and then try to resolve the other problems.
    Make sure there's no air leaks getting into it.
  7. righto, thanks Steve.
  8. ok, so sync'd the carbs today. Initially tried with a set of gauges I had from my last bike, but the needles were jumping around all over the place and I couldn't get them sync'd, then again the gauges are over 20 years old so maybe they're perished or corroded inside, so i chucked them and rigged up 2 plastic bottles with some 5MM tubing. Worked a treat, only took a few minutes to get them sync'd, it accelerates better now and I can hold the gears a bit longer. I also adjusted the idle down to 1000, which it kept all day, see how it goes on a cold start - didn't get to look at the choke yet. The only thing I would do differently next time is used some thicker walled tubing between the bottles and the vacuum ports.
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  9. Found the choke does kinda work if I pull it out another 1/4 inch.
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  10. So i brought some 5MM vacuum hose to connect between the the vacuum ports and the bottles, as the clear tube I was using was collapsing. Now with the vacuum hose, the bottles collapsed! grrrr, guess I need glass bottles, V8 use to come in glass bottles but I don't think they do anymore. What is a good sturdy plastic bottle that won't collapse? The other option I suppose is something like this: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Carbtune-Pro-vacuum-gauge-2-column-/201187780189?#vi-content
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  11. Try powerade bottles. Or Gatorade.
  12. Yeah Powerade bottles are pretty solid.

    They used to make good billies, I mean, they're hard plastic and stuff...
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  13. Finally found some good glass bottles, VOSS brand fizzy mineral water (all the way from Norway,lol), works nicely now:

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