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XVS650 change to pegs

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by haychy, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Hey guys i just bought my first cruiser a 2012 xvs650 classic. super tidy my only issue with it is im 6ft 2 and want to move the controls forward and get rid of the toe heel shifter. My size 13 boot doesnt like it much. Because i havent done to much work on motorbike i just wanted a few tips as to how to go about it. idealy id like to go to just pegs and toe shifter moved forward a bit. any info would be awesome, sorry for the newby question.

    would also be happy to swap my floor boards and heel toe for pegs and just toe shifter if anyone wants to convert back

    thanks in advance guys, ryan
  2. I am also 6'2"ish and moved my floorboards forward 4" and that is comfortable for me. I love the floor boards but dislike the heel/toe shifter. I have been keeping my eye out for a custom shifter as it looks like it may fit. The other thought is to just cut the heel section off. I have been riding my xvs for a few years now and have gotten used to the shifter. It is hardly a problem now so have given up on any more mods, especially butchery ones.
  3. Oh sweet I was looking at the 4" extension. Is it hard to install
  4. I used the Scootmods set and they just bolted on easily. All extensions for brakes and gears were supplied. Obviously the brakes and shift lever adjustments had to be done and the only thing is the spring for the stop light switch needs to be cut or bent to get it to actuate at the right position after all other adjustments are right. There is another thread on here covering most of it also. It was mentioned there and on other forums that some did the 6" mod and had some fouling problems with the mudguard but I have not experienced or heard of that problem with the 4". BTW I only use the toe shift and have never found the heel shift to my liking but others enjoy it. I guess it's a matter of not teaching old dogs new tricks!
    ScootMods product.php
  5. Anyone willing to sell their heel shifter? Long story short, but I have bursitis in the thigh and some days have difficulty changing up gears. I was thinking of fashioning a heel toe set up for my virago 250, even if that means cutting and welding one from another bike.
  6. Piss easy install. Maybe 30 mins max.

    Depending on your height, the 6" might be nicer. The problem with the 6" and the 650 classic is the front fender coming in contact with the extension plates when there's load on the fork. It also makes turning full lock impossible. I managed to fix this by cutting off the 'lip' at the back of the fender - it worked a gem.
  7. I'm interested in putting floorboards on my xvs650 custom. Only had it 3 days. Will they look stupid?