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XVS650 Bobber

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by jimmy_g, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. XVS650 Bobber **UPDATED 4/1** - Loads of pics!

    Hey guys,

    Thought I would share my project with you all -

    Back in May I purchased a new xvs650 and after a little bingle I figured it would be a good time to bob it!

    I purchased a kit from www.destino.com.au - Awesome kits and even better customer service, cant praise these guys enough!
    -Everything pretty much bolts on which is cool!

    Bike is currently in the shop getting the new fender, tank, plastic covers etc resprayed in flat black. Going for a really old school look and will put a 1950s tattoo inspired pic on the tank with a bit of pin striping etc.

    Fingers crossed Ill have it back mid next week. Ill then send the wheels off to get powder coated black and they tyres stripped red and white.

    Will be a fun little bobber when it done!

    I have a project blog on JUST BIKES - Jimmy_G Bobber Blog
    Ill update it every few days that I do work on it, you can click the "view latest work" button to see all the blog posts.

    Few pics of the stage the bikes at now, most of the gear stripped off ready for paint:


    and the bike when I first purchased it back in May:

    Cant wait to get it our for a ride when its done!
  2. I'll be following with keen interest! Looks like an awesome project. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  3. Ah, my faith in Netriders has been restored; another messy garage :LOL:

    Looks like a fun project, and highly individual by your description
  4. Always good to see somebody playing around and having fun personalizing their bike; keep us updated.
  5. Not by my standards hahaha... but seriously, mine is terrible...

    And jimmy_g - awesome project mate! Had a squizz at the website and I reckon the kit looks great, definitely keep us updated on this one.

    Cheers - boingk
  6. That's brilliant mate. What comes in the kit?
  7. Good choice on the bobber mate. I had no idea there was a mob out there like Destino's selling bobber kits in Australia. Good find.
  8. Kit comes with everything you need to build your bobber - http://www.destino.com.au/xvs650-kit

    The quality is absolutly top notch too. I can be pretty fussy with this sort of thing and have no complaints at all. Jamie and Nik from Destino are really helpful too. They always have time for a chat.

    Got the call this arvo to say the bike is ready to pick up from the panel shop, so fingers crossed Ill have it back mid week!
  9. Pictures are a must. Seriously looking forward to the end result.
  10. Looks good, can't wait to see it finished!

    Two questions: Who's doing the paint & is it a particular flat black (or is flat black just flat black?)

    Silly question maybe, but my bikes getting a paint job at some point, I really like the Aprilia flat black finish...
  11. UPDATE -Bike back from Paint.

    Picked up the XVS650 on Friday arvo! Very happy with the paint, exactly the look I wanted.

    The bike came back with bars, tank, fenders, head light, plastics and filter cover fitted and painted. flat onyx black with a matt clear. Looks great and get that slight silver shine to it when the light hits it.

    Spent the weekend fitting up most of the parts. Good fun. Finally starting to look like a bobber now. www.destino.com.au have really done a great job with their kits. Everything fit up so well and so easy. Was a very productive weekend!

    Few pics of how she looked when I picked her up:
  12. UPDATE - Fitting Solo Springer seat

    First thing we did was fit up the seat. This was too easy. The kit from Destino bolted straight on and fit like a glove. Didn't need any adjustments nor did I encounter and issues when fitting it.

    It was just a matter of bolting on the main bracket, fitting the suspension cover, bolting on the front seat mount then bolting on the sprints.
    The seat has slid adjusters on the pan that attaches to the front seat mount on the bike frame. This allows you to make sure the rear spring are not being pulled too far forward etc.

    Seat is very comfortable! Doesn’t feel like you are going to slide off when you give it some gas either.

    Looks tough and works great!

    Few pics of fitting it up and how it looks once on:

    Main bracket/support
    Suspension cover
    Fitting the springs
    Attaching the seat
    Seat fitted!
  13. Next up we fitted the side mount licence place mount and new brake light. Simple job of unbolting a couple of bolts on the swing arm and then fitting the mount.

    The 59 Caddi light fits to the top of the licence plate mount and the wires are cable tied to the swing are and directed under the seat bracket to keep them out of sight.

    The tail light looks awesome and I’m really happy with it!


    Removing the factory bolts
    Bolts on and holes lined up perfect
    on the bike
    Fitting the 59 Caddi tail light
    Fitted up, easy.
    Hiding the wires
    Looks tough!
  14. UPDATE - Wiring Indicators and Brake Light

    Next we fitted up the front and rear indicators. Again a really easy job.
    Did have a small issue with he brake light - spent 2 hours trying to figure out why both filler element would stay on all the time (eg it wouldn’t get brighter when you hit the brakes). Turns out there is a small adjuster near the foot brake that fixed the problem. I sware I rewired it 5 times thinking it was something I had done!

    The lights all needed to have the wires extended to reach the fuse box. I just used crimps and heat shrink (this came with the kit).
    I am planning on getting the indicators powder coated black when the wheels go in.

    Crimping up all the wires, this was probably the longest part of the process!
    Removing the cover of the fuse box, one little bolt!
    Fuse box, with all my wiring. Male/Femal plug made it easy and quick!
    Trying to hide the brake wires.
    Rear indicators
    Front indicators wired in the head light
    Front indicator mounts
    Front indicators done
  15. UPDATE - The Ghetto Licence plate mount

    So, side mount bracket are illegal and its 3 demerit points and a hefty fine. Being that the tail light fits the mount and looks good in that location, I figured I would use the side mount purely for the tail light and figure out something interesting to do with it later. Might just do some really cool pin striping on it or something like that.

    So I need a braket and I came up with this....

    Its the stock bracket bent about 6 times on each side hahaha.
    I actually really like the plate mounted there so will make a real bracket next week. Until then, this does the job!
  16. UPDATE - Nearly done, First ride!

    Bike is almost done, still have a bit to go such as:
    Powder coating the wheels and indicators, Exhaust wrap, White Walls, Pin striping and Tank graphic and might even look at alternate handle bars such as clip ons.

    The goal was to get the bike to a point where I could ride it this weekend! Went for a quick spin and it felt awesome! Riding position has change a lot but imo it feels even better than original!

    A couple of glory shots...

    Pretty much all the parts came from www.destino.com.au and again, couldn’t be happier with it!
  17. how are you going to deal with a number plate light?
  18. Top notch job Jimmy and I knew the bike had to yours when I went past it on the weekend.
  19. You know what, I hadnt even thought about that!
    Soemthing to think about.
  20. Strip of LEDs across the top.
    Very nice looking bike!(y)