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XVS650 bobber- Springer front end

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Jackson Millan, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I recently purchased a XVS 650 classic with the intention to turn it into an oldschool inspired bobber. I have this vision in my head of this samurai style, raked springer front end and I have been trying to do some research before I rush in and buy parts for the conversion.

    First question is how can I get a HD springer front end to fit the XVS650 neck? Secondly what is the best way to determine what length front end to purchase- I want to buy something that is decent quality as the DNA springers seem to be pretty crap and I dont want to waste the cash if it doesn't have the right stance. My inspiration is something similar to the picture of a xvs400 below.


  2. I can imagine putting a true HD springer on would be an engineering undertaking. HD head stems are based around a 1" shaft and the Yamaha will be metric. You would need to machine either the neck or the stem(probably easier) and then use non-standard bearings. It could be done, but better to look for something already available.

    What you will need to look for is US based Metric cruiser catalogues that supply replica springers. Those suppliers will be able to advise on length.

    Also, look at .jp sites. That front end in the picture could even be Japanese. Looks a bit Zero Engineering to me and these guys build them better than the Americans.
  3. Hi Jackson
    Am in the same case as you. Have an xvs 650 i'm doing up as a samurai bobber, and am wondering did you ever, find out how to mount a springer front end that ends up looking like this?

    Thanks man
  4. The OP hasn't been seen for over a year, don't fancy your chances of a reply.