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XVS650 Bobber Project

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  1. bobber submitted a new showcase item:

    XVS650 Bobber Project

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  2. Ive got the same bike - 2005 Custom though and you have done everything ive got planned for my baby. Got everythign at home just waiting on the time to stock it. Good work man she looks beautiful!

  3. Love what you have done with your bike. Looks fanastic!
  4. Looks good, well done!
  5. Nice work mate I just finished my bobber project as well, great style of bike to just kick back and cruise around on while looking bad arse lol
  6. Sweet. Looks good. Looks like you got the parts from the same place (BC8) as I did. Except I started with a classic and used matt black spray cans to paint mine. And I kept the standard bars, even thinking of mini ape hangers maybe? How do you find the ride? Vibrate a little too much at 100kph?
  7. Looks sick mate, how do you find the solo seat?
  8. looks awesome. planning on turning my laro into a bobber aswell.

    l-plater here too, let me know if you want to cruise around!