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XVS650 Bobber number plate placement

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by YaMaHarleY_BoBeR, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. ok so i have purchased an XVS650 bobber from sydney and still waiting for it to arrive and once it gets here im not going to want to wait to ride it lol....

    so my issue is it has a vertical side mount number plate holder with brake light and i really dont want to get defected the first time i ride it and have to change everything back to stock to pass it so can some one please help me out with maybe a bracket that extends to over the wheel or something.... i have been looking everywhere on line and cant find what i am looking for.. please help
  2. I think you will need to wait until you see it, the rear structure mounts etc will vary wildly on custom bikes.
  3. [​IMG]this is the side mount and i know it is illegal just wondering if there is something that isnt that i can use that still utilises mounting from this location.

    thanks for your reply
  4. Have you got a rear shot, the numberplate will need a light to illuminate it so will generally need to be near the Brake light as a convenient place to get power.
  5. You'll probably need a front fender too. Unless mine eyes deceive me.
  6. Your prob going to need a custom bracket that maybe has a curve in it that bolts up under the rear fender
  7. is it illegal to not have a front fender?
  8. ok so thats a no lol.... thanks for that info buddy... im still learning and want to know all this before i start riding and learn the hard way.

    probably should have looked before purchasing a bike...-_-
  9. lol thanks for that... nah its no biggie i would have bought the bike either way.. the bracket is an easy fix ill just fab a bracket at the workshop and source a guard from somewhere