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XVS650 Bobber Build

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Oldteach, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. Well it's done, got the bobber up and running and after a bit of tweaking got the feel I wanted.

    Overall it was pretty straight forward, I took it as a challenge as I have the mechanical aptitude of a wet sponge in a makeup box.

    Made a Youtube video to get some more skills in video editing (as I am going to have to teach aspects of it next year) definitely need a better camera though.

    Also need some advice, got to get new mirrors for it as I put the 32" drag bars on the bobber, I need longer mirrors.....any suggestions folks?

  2. Nice one !
    Scuse my ignorance but how did you go about sourcing the parts ?
    I was talking bobber projects with a friend of mine and you can get 'bolt on kits' these days for these bikes.
    Was it a kit or just source the parts individually and use you mechanical prowess to do the rest haha.

    I'm impressed
  3. I was only looking at that website a few weeks ago.
    I think there is a distributor in NSW now ?!?

    Been wondering if they do a kit for the 250 Virago.
  4. I know they have a range of kits but did not see a Virago there and they were specific about having kits for the listed bikes. Had a quick google search and found the following web site;


    It may be for choppers, but with a little creativity you could probably just order the fenders as well as pick and choose the suitable parts you want.