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XVS650 and the VT400`s??

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Am new to the cruiser world and cruiser bikes in general. Am purchasing one of the above referenced bikes due to LAMS deal in a few months.

    I`ve narrowed the search down to two contenders. I like the Honda VT400 for all its nice design and smooth, fuel injected donk. I like the Yamaha V star for its extra grunt but thats all I can go on. Can anyone give a good case for either? I`m tipping towords the 650 purely for more Cubic Inch. Will I be dissapointed with the power on the small Honda cruiser?

    Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated and received. :)

  2. where abouts are you from?
  3. Gday Randall...I agonised over the same dilema a couple of months ago and in the end went with the V Star Classic 650. Glad I did as I am now starting to look for more go already.
    The VT400 was a nice bike also but in the end the look of the V Star, I bought a 2009 White bike with 1800kms on it, and the extra grunt won out.
  4. Tonner....thanks for this mate. You have confirmed a few things for me. As far as I can see the 2 bikes weigh in about the same. I think the honda has a slightly longer wheel base. I believe the V-Stars will be a tad thirstier but I`m an old bloke who can afford to waste some fuel :) The reports I`ve read on the XVS650`s all sound good. They appear to be a reliable all round performer great for the first 12 months apprenticeship :)

    Anz Cruiser....From Margate in Brissy mate.
  5. Decisions...decisions.....

    Same as my situation 3 months ago. I liked the look of VT400 a 'tiny' bit (mainly the black colour) more than XVS650. Price wise they were almost similar.

    In the end, went for Yamaha as I did have a soft spot for Yamaha and was getting a 650 CC rather than a 400 which is beneficial in the long run.

    and...Yamaha is shaft drive so is a very low maintenance bike as well.

    Best of luck. :)
  6. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better bike in the bracket then the XVS650, great machine and will last you quite a while. There is a massive amount of after market kit for these bikes as well, you have endless choices in tarting them up.
  7. The v-stars seem to be the right choice for an entry level cruiser. Anyone have a VT400? Any reports?

  8. I dont know about the VT400 but my Vstar is easy as piss to work on, nothing high tech on the bike.....................as they say, cant improve on perfect. But yeah I was attracted mainly because you could do most maintenance stuff yourself.
  9. One of our Melbourne NetRider member Silversurfer has one and it looks pretty good. Runs well and looks well. Japanese brands are good in that way. He's pretty happy with the bike and uses it daily and hasn't had any issues since the day he's bought it (I had a chat with him at one of the Saturday sessions).

    Rest is upto you. 400CC or 650CC? Personally, I opted for the higher CC so I could have more power. After 3 months on it, I am happy with my decision.

    The Honda has the footrests & the classic cruiser look and is only one model available but Yamaha has 2 - The Custom & The Classic so if you want more options (footrests, bigger headlight etc) - you can choose the Classic (Only available in Blue or Red). Personally I liked the simple looks better so I got the Custom. I dont look footrests. I like to move my feet when riding and Black was an option there. :)

    I would suggest you to go for the higher CC as well (and you can choose the Classic verion if you want the extra things) but at the end of the day, it's your decision.
  10. Also depends on what you want to do.

    If you plan on doing highway trips etc, then the VStar will handle the higher speeds & hills easier. But if you're mainly gonna stick around town & commute, then go the VT.
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  11. Hey all, if both are LAMS approved wouldn't they have about the same power when considering power to weight ratios? I've heard or read this somewhere but can't find the source; was hoping someone might know.
  12. Looking back now, I should've taken the XVS650. I bought the VT400 on my LAMS and about 1/4 of the way through restrictions I seriously wanted more power. I'm a big bloke (6'4" 105kg) and found highway speeds (when I got off restrictions) nigh impossible on the Honda.

    Rod, I think LAMS is a limit on the capacity and power/weight ratio of the bike. I believe this has been achieved on some of the larger cc bikes with the use of throttle pins to prevent you getting full use of the power provided by the engine. In the VT400's case though, I think Honda essentially put a smaller engine in a VT750 frame (making it underpowered).

    My 2c.

    EDIT: I believe the power/weight ratio difference between the VT400 and XVS650 is significant, as the 650 has 250cc's more for 20-odd kg less weight.
  13. There is quite a big difference between the vt400 and xvs650 in terms of kilowatts per tonne.

    Under lams the limit is 150kw / tonne iirc, the vt400 is 94 and the xvs is 126 respectively so they are both under the maximum allowed but the 650 has more legs.
  14. I am really happy with the VT400, fuel injected and liquid cooled and has plenty of power in fourth gear ... max speed is 140, fifth gear is more for cruising, not sure why you would need more power anyways since 110 is the maximum legal limit on the highway.
    Comfort was the key for me, the VT400 has a nice back rest built into the seat and the seat size is nice and big as well.
    I think the seating position is much more comfortable on the VT400 compared to the XVS650, at least it was for me as I am 6'4
    I am in the process of getting 6' forward controls for it so I can stretch my legs more.
    Lots of aftermarket accessories available for the Honda as well, the VT400 is the same as the VT750 Aero engine and frame shape and size minus the capacity so tons of parts and bling on the web.
    My future plans are once I am off restrictions is to maybe look at putting a 750 Aero engine in it and keeping the bike which should save me some $$$ and provide a worthwhile project that I can enjoy once I complete :)
    Plus it has a much better sounding name ... Honda Shadow ... :) ...
  15. I guess it really depends on what you want to do with the bike.
    For me, it could not do the highway speeds I needed once I was off restrictions (highway speeds being 130 in the NT) - unless I completely wringed the guts out of it (also assuming there was a tailwind).
    Having said that, If you plan on using it for a weekend cruise, or a weekday commute etc. it would definately do the job.
  16. Guys, this is all really usefull info for me to assist in making the right first choice. There are obviously strong arguments for and not too many against on both options. (this pleases me because they both seem to be a good choice :) )

    I`m still leaning towards the V-Star though. The extra .250 ltrs is a strong influence. I dont want to become grunt-starved on the VT400 just a few months into my apprenticeship. :)
    I`m 172cm and 84kg`s. It will be mainly weekend rides in good weather and on highways. Some suburban rides anticipated just for the fun of it.

    I also had a question about the footrests on the V-Stars. I think the Classics have the big footrests? Custom has the standard pegs. Any riding differences? Anything to be careful of?

  17. Hi Randall, I did my l's on a VStar 650 and thought i would trade up soon after, but 2+ years on I just love riding it. Do regular runs up the Putty rd, around Wisemans and Spencer, on the F3. ... Never misses a beat, never struggles to keep up (other than maniacs who I want to avoid anyway), handles well through the corners. Average about 5l per 100k. Great looking bike with classic style, that others often comment on. Only mod is a pair of highway pegs so I can stretch out occassionally.
  18. The standard foot pegs on the custom I found to vibrate a bit much for my liking at high speed so I changed them out for after market pegs.

    That said I hate floor boards, i think it's just a personal choice thing really. If you are doing a lot of long distance riding getting some highway pegs wouldn't be a bad idea as Mariner said so you can stretch out.

    I love my custom, I am amazed just how much actually given I have other bikes in the garage as well.
  19. Yeah..I love my Custom as well. I prefer pegs to floorboards as it gives me the freedom to move my feet (as diomac said, its a personal thing).

    Sit on both bikes and see which one you like. I didn't mind the Classic but the colours were horrendous (Blue & Red) so ended up getting the Classic in Raven (Black but with red stripes). Not fully black but close.
  20. For me it floorboards all the way, like everybody else has says its a personal thing.

    I hear what your saying about the red and blue colours Lazy Libran, they are like bums seems everyone has one. I ended up buying a second hand 2009 model just to get away from red and blue. Love the pearl white with the chrome extras I have.