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xvs650 and MOST

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by agronaught, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. I'm still looking at what to buy, the gs500 would be practical and a good learner bike but the xvs650 is more in line with what I want long term.

    I had heard that the majority of people who attempt MOST on the xvs650 fail due to the longer wheel base/whatever other reason.

    Any comments on this ?

    Would it be too difficult to learn the skills on an xvs650 and hire a training bike (i.e. cb250) for the training/test ?

  2. A lot of people go the hire bike option, the test is pretty easy on that thing and the amount of practice you get on the day before the MOST should be sufficient to pass the test if you know how to ride.

    There was a guy on my test day with a really long bike and the tester suggested that he purposely miss one of the coneweave cones because it's just not worth the effort on those bikes. He was naturally deducted the points but passed anyway because skipping that cone put him in a better position to do the rest of the test / uturn etc.
  3. it is doable on the vstar, but yes it is difficult, when we set out a practice dourse my father actualy got his nomad 1500 through the course with out missing anything

    just remember that when it comes to the u turn which will be the most difficult bit on the vstar, as long as you don't have any other mistakes you can run the line as long as you don't put your foot down
  4. Hey Agro,

    The MOST can be done on the XVS650 but it takes some skill. I'd absolutely recommend you do it on something smaller. It doesn't make you a lesser rider. Get the MOST done and dusted and then hone your skills on the bigger bike in your own time and on your own timetable.
  5. Great post agronaught.

    I have an XVS650 and have been wondering what to do.

    I have been going out and marking the cone weave and the U turn to practice and I'd really like to pass on "my bike" but this is more to say I did it than anything else (ego I guess).

    Some days, it seems nothing I do gets me through it and others it's quite OK. The U turn is OK - I simply make sure I turn my head to point where I want to go, rather than the road in front of the bike. (lesson from the Learnes course) but the cone weave is a real pain.

    (Anyone know how many points do you lose if you miss one cone?)

    Before I got the bike, I was wondering what to do and a mate told me to get the bike I wanted and to hire one for the test if necessary - "the least number of purchases you make to get the bike you want, the better it is" I have to agree it makes good sense to me and I'm really happy with the XVS.

    I'm thinking that I will simply hire a 250 and get the test over with.

    Good luck
  6. I bought XVS650 because I can't fit on 250 or whatever small bike.

    If I hire 250 for the test I doubt will make it to the test course! how long I'll have to practice and re-learn for 250?!

    This small U-turn test is a discrimination! How can they allow big bikes learner legal while tests are designed for small ones.
  7. I tried 6.1 m U-turn and doubt it's possible. If you turn handlebars to rightmost position and ride it in circle, radius is still over 6.1m.
    IF you can ride it in such position.
  8. A girl i did my course passed quite easily on an XVS650. Slight girl, would have weighed all of 40 kilos and she managed to throw the thing around quite comfortably on the U-turn.