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xvs650 5th gear noise

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by ashrose, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. hi guys im back, this time with a xvs650.
    got a good deal on a 2008 custom (6,500) from a 50ish lady that had kept her pretty tidy. my question is..... at around 60/70 kmh 4th gear sounds like its starting to rev to high but when i pop into 5th she has this "sound" that sounds like the drive sharft is overloaded for the speed its doing. its like this from about 70-90kmh.
    it go's away the higher the speed (may just be that i cant hear it).
    it makes me think that im changeing to early but as i said 4th seems to rev to much (no tacho).
    i dont think its a major issue but i dont want to fcuk my drive shaft ?

    any sugestions ?????

  2. I've read your post twice and am trying to understand.....

    You say at 60-70km/ph 4th gear is too short and engine speed seems too high?
    You shift to 5th and the "drive shaft? is overloaded"????

    So you mean the bike bogs down? Does the clutch feel like it's slipping?

    More info??
  3. nah it is a shaftie. (yamaha xvs650 v-star custom).
    nah it doesn't bog down. yeah it could be slipping. is that an easy fix (if i start in gear and its a cold morn,1st wants to move me). the more i think about it it souds like its prob the clutch...but wouldnt it happen through all gears ?
  4. yer wtf
    change oil anyway
  5. +1 change oil....

    Clutch slip will not necessarily happen through all the gears.....dependent on riding style.....

    It does seem odd that the bottom end is smooth and up top you are getting issues.....??

  6. Is this with the clutch lever fully in?

    Cold start and bike wanting to walk off the line may indicate heavy oil or broken/worn clutch springs and or clutch pack.....
  7. ok.. actually changed oil today, will go for run in min.
    and yep with lever fully in...but it only happens now and then and only on the occasional cold mornings.
    back in 15 take her for a quick run...
  8. geeez im a noob, seems to be a bit better with new oil :banghead:
  9. So much for...