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XVS250 Gearing

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ithinkyou50, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i have some questions about gearing, I'm new to this forum but ive been lurking for a while and like the community.

    I'm a new-ish rider i've owned my v-star 250 since November of last year, the bike has changed my life, since before having it i relied on buses etc. to get places, its been a dream come true and a very freeing experience. I've been riding it every day for a while now, and im starting to feel as though im not getting the most out of it, when in 5th gear i feel as though there should be another gear after. it revs rather high at 100, and i haven't taken it to 110 yet, but i dont think it would go very well.

    I've been doing a lot of research over the past few weeks on gearing for the v-star and it seems other people who own this bike have felt the same way, it also seems that the little engine has more torque than it is initially geared for, so my question is, has anyone had experience with taller gearing on the v-star 250? what ratios are best etc. is there much of a trade off between speed and acceleration?

    i believe stock the ratio is 16/45, i was thinking i might go to 17/40, is this gearing too tall for the bike to handle? am i going to be rolling backwards on hills?

    i bow to the experienced. :p
  2. I'm a bit of a fan of taller than stock gearing and have done it to a number of bikes (and my van). On my current bike (GS500) I went from 16 to 17 on the front and I like it. It means I just treat it as a 5 speed around town and just use 6th on the highway. Given you've got a 250, I'd suggest going the same way initially. That will keep your costs down (only one sprocket to buy) and you shouldn't have to change the chain as there will be enough adjustment. Its also easy to change back if you don't like it and you might find changing both is a bit too radical. You can always change the back one later if you need, or just go to an 18 on the front if it will fit in the case.
    You will notice you need to change down on hills a bit earlier, its a compromise but one I like as it feels more relaxed when cruising.
  3. yeah i've read that it will make hills a little tougher, but the 250 wains a bit on hills as is, so im used to down shifting to get up steep hills. do you notice any difference in terms of acceleration? ive also been told taller gearing can be harmful for the engine, over stressing it, but i cant see how. if the RPMs are lower i would have though the engine would be working less. :-s
  4. Your going to have to look into custom sprockets or adapt something from a different model

    I enquired about this once and the dealer looked into it and came back with the answer that it was not possible!

    And FYI it will happily sit on 150km/h indicated for quite some time no worries, provided your going downwind..

    It's a 250, don't be afraid to rev it's guts out, even though it's not a high performance 4 banger it'll still do 9500rpm
  5. Sounds a bit like the dealer couldn't be f**ked. Most bikes have a range of sprockets available, and I'd be surprised if they aren't the same as some other Yamaha models.
  6. rev limiter at 8500 :rolleyes:

    and this is definitely possible, its a common upgrade. im just not sure of the side effects, and thats what worries me.
  7. Very good jay.

    Well im still sceptical about it, considering wallice from wallice and grommit said it wasn't a good idea. Although that was after he said he locked up your back wheel in his street! :p lol... No kidding. he said that seriously lol!
  8. hahahaha, he's a good bloke though, and does good work, i think his reasoning is sound, i'd just like to know more about acceleration differences, like if i go for taller gearing am i going to take a minute and a half to go from 90 to 100? the engine has more torque than its geared for since its made for complete noobs like me, but even if i just put the front sprocket up to 17, that should make it sit more comfortably at 100-110 thats all i really care about, and since im 91kg, it may do more harm than good if i make the gearing too tall.
  9. You should put 1000 on the front. I hear that makes the bike go infinity km per hour.

    While you are their delete sys32
  10. Just go one tooth larger on the front, or, two down on the rear. It will give the bike longer legs in each gear too. You will quickly find limits to how far you can go - I pushed out the gearing on my 500cc single and it would stall at speed.

    Other than that, it's a 250 - it will rev high. And many people with five speed bike - including middle-weight bikes - wish they had a 6th gear (for instance many Harley Sportster riders purchase aftermarket six speed gear boxes).

    Also, it's a Japanese motorcycle, and from the early days they've been built to rev.
  11. The XVS 250 runs a 56 rear and 20 tooth front sprocket with 428 chain you can't get any other than stock sprockets for it i have been looking for the last 4 months phoned nearly every dealer in Australia if you had a XV you can get any ratio sprocket for it you want because its a XVS it means drag star they run a 428 chain sprocket kit. But today i got on to a Yanaha dealer he told me get rid of the 428 kit on your bike because you can not get any other gearing for it, and put a 520 chain and sprocket kit,run 15 tooth front 39 tooth rear so thats what i am going to do