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XVS1100 Project - The Ruiner.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by jimmy_g, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. I have another project that Im about to undertake, a little different to the last couple I have done. This time the aim is for big, low, and long with a hint of vintage.

    I managed to pick up a great starting point, a 2007 XVS1100 V Star Custom with 6k kms and a BCB kit (most of which will be coming off). Got it for a great price.

    The basic plan is:

    • 12 degree rake kit (no fork extensions)
    • Custom tank approx. 6L (the 17L behemoth that’s on it has to go!)
    • Reduced rear fender but suitable for a pillion
    • Clip-ons or small drag bars
    • Single carb with velocity stack - stock air box removal
    • Larger rear wheel to accommodate vintage tyres
    • Custom exhaust, unless I can find a suitable aftermarket one online
    • Smaller, lower rigid solo seat
    • Lowered suspension
    • Vintage headlight to accommodate speedo
    • Bikini fairing... maybe!

    The idea is to stretch it out as much as possible without frame mods and lower the riding position as much as possible. Strip it down and put big wheels to fatten it up.

    This one will be a fun build, it’s the biggest bike I have worked with and cannot wait to get stuck into it!

    Majority of the parts have been ordered, now just playing the waiting game!

    This is how its stands now...


    The paint is horrid! I cannot wait to get these tins off.

  2. Looks like a good build project - keen to see how it works out!
  3. Yeah sounds good. I kinda like it NOW, but looking forward to seeing it emerge.

    BTW, where did you find it? Was it online. I don't remeber seeing it on any of the bike sale sites I trawl!
  4. Sensational project - I will be avidly watching this one.
  5. This bike was actually built at the Australian Motorcycle Expo in Melbourne 2010 on the JUST BIKES stand (By myself and Destino Custom Garage). Its been sitting in the shed ever since not getting any love so I offered to purchase it.

    I dont mind the kit thats on it, the paints is ok except for the really tacky skull on the top of the tank. Will be very different once I get stuck in to it. Im not going for my typical ratty build with this one, trying to decide what colour to paint the tins... thinking of going a matte gun metal grey or even polishing the raw metal and then sanding back the chrome to give it a brushed look. Not sure... throw some suggestions out!!

    I have placed the order for all the parts, tank, trees etc but some on the gear is on back order and estimated to be shipped in the first week of april... man I hate waiting!!
  6. Lucky bugger! You can't really go wrong when Destino is involved, IMHO!!

    Green with jealosy!!
  7. Yup they do some cool things with the metrics.

    Destino had nothing to do with the paint FYI haha JUST BIKES had a 3rd pty do it (yes i hate it that much lol)
  8. Ha! Yeah, it doesn't look like a Destino paintjob!
  9. Still waiting for parts! So keen to get started, man, I hate the waiting game haha.
  10. Just got confirmation that all my parts have been shipped from Japan! Fingers crossed the shipment should be here after Easter!
  11. We'll today was the day! after a month waiting I finally got the bulk of the parts.

    The big box of awesomeness:

    Bulk of the parts:

    Going to get stuck into it this weekend, will start with the front end and see how we go from there.

    Also ordered some new wheels, going for a different look here; ended up getting a new front and rear made, both 16" to accommodate Coker Beck White Walls. Going to powder coat the rim white to match the white wall, leaving the spokes raw to rust up. Cant wait to see how it comes up!
  12. is that a headlight cowl and visor ???? .... looks the goods man
  13. Sure is! Its a little bigger than I thought so not sure if this particular one will go on.
  14. I love that tank! I've been looking for a peanut tank that fits the xvs1100 for ages!

    Let us know how it fits, and some photos too with it on the bike. I'm definitely going to buy it if it looks the goods.

    It's gonna be one awesome build, can't wait to see it finished!
  15. Tank is specifically made for the 1100. There's only 2 options I can find for aftermarket tanks, both in japan and both are nearly 1k delivered to Australia (crazy!). I like the look of these so opted to buy off the shelf rather than getting one made. - the double back bone and the air box (if you keep it) really hinder the options when it comes to putting on aftermarket tanks.

    Ill post up pics as I start putting it together. (y)
  16. wow thats an expensive tank! are you going to paint it, or perhaps go the exposed metal look?
  17. Hey mate,

    Excited to see how the build turns out. Just a quick question, what jap website do you use for parts for customising the 1100?

    I was going to source some parts through West-Eagle in the US. But if you have a better or equivalent source I'd be interested to check out their stuff.

  18. Haven't had much time since I got the parts delivery. But I have been tinkering way each night and got a little bit done this week.

    Mainly just doing some test fits to make sure the bits and pieces will all fit correctly.

    Tank, Rear fender, (temporary) Bars, Velocity stack and new indicators are on.

    Still loads more to go, Waiting on:

    • 16" wheels and Coker tyres
    • Some really kick ass clip ons made by a mate in USA (very different!)
    • Need to design a new seat. Not keeping the solo seat, just want some padding and that's about it.
    • Headlight- trying to find something old at swap meets/ebay
    • Exhaust, going to get something custom made. Have a few ideas but not sure which direction I want to go.
    • May put on a new rear fender, not sure.

    I'll take some better pics, but just a quickie with the phone.

  19. Yea it is rather pricey, amazing quality though! and looks pretty good.
    Original plan was to leave it bare metal, but looks unfinished. Im going to get some distressed/vintage signwriting done on the tank and fender.

    I have been using scotchbrite on all the chrome (hours and hours of sanding!) makes it look like brushed nickle. Looks good, but there will be a lot of bare metal once done!

    Best bet is easyriders.jp, very expensive.
  20. Yep, love it!