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XVS 650A - California?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Ford Fairlane, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Ive posted a thread in regards to getting a new exhaust (or do i just upgrade the bike in a year...) and ive decided to bling my current ride because i dont really know when ill have the cash to buy a new bike... Anyhoo, ive decidsed i will bling my current bike with some short shots (80%) or with cruzers but either way, im seeing on some sites that my bike has a california variant and therefore would need a different part number when it comes to exhaust.. How do i tell which one mine is?

    Pertinant info - its a 2009 classic and the mechanic i took it too removed about a killo of crap which i think is referred to as AIS? Does this mean its a california? Better still anyone have an xvs650 that can advise of a part number (short shots V&H)?


  2. Unless you're bike is imported from the states, it shouldn't be.
    From memory the California thing is some anti pollution stuff that's law in that state.
    The Aussie ones have the AIS and yes, it usually gets removed.
    I've got short shots on mine but no idea about part numbers. Shouldn't be hard to find out though, pretty common swap.