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xvs 650 v start custom

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Raid, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hey guys....went to Yamaha Morooka Team Moto in Rocklea today. Had a look at the xvs 650, in black....$7990 ride away....it's 2008, with 19000 on the clock....what do you guys think?

  2. Seems a little high
  3. I've always thought the XVS650 was priced a little high both Private & Dealer. For not a lot more you could go the 1100 (Privately at least).

    But that price doesn't surprise me as it seems the going rate for these bikes.
  4. check bikesales.com.au, do you have to get a 650?? an 1100 for that price
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    If you need a LAMS bike then the 650 is as big as you can get.
  6. Yes, I am after a LAMS bike, and from what i have heard so far, the 650 v stars, are pretty decent.....i have been looking around, i only want a secondhand one for my first bike, so even something with a few ks, is ok.....i found one with 5,000 plus ks on it for $7900.....which sounds a lot better than the one from team moto which has 19,000 ks and more expensive too...wtf.
  7. Welcome to NR. (y)
  8. The XVS650 are a very popuar bike, so seem to fetch more money secondhand than a lot of other bikes. In saying that, it’s better for you when you want to flip it in a couple of years (as long as you’ve looked after it of course)
  9. Thanks for the replies guys....got myself a v star 650 classic in white....from a different team moto nerang.....talked it down from $8990 to $7500 ride away....very happy with it....she's a beauty....will post pics soon....of course it's been pissing down everyday in brisbane, so havent been able to give it a good burl.....but come sunny day....will be cruuuuzin fo sho!
  10. akaluke sold his white one not too long ago, they look very nice in white and the classic with bigger guards and floor boards even more so.. Get a clock for the handle bars they look schmick..