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XVS 650 lowering?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Bam Bam, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Anyone on here lowered the vstar 650?
    What was involved? Did it still handle ok?

    I only want to lower it around 1" maybe 1.5" tops.
    For this reason the "J slam" wont work for me as it lowers around 4".

    Was wondering if anyone has tried the Baron lowering kit? seems redic expensive for a little metal bit!

    Thoughts and experiences??
  2. I should clarify, I only want to lower the rear!
  3. May be easier to have the seat re-shaped?
  4. It's not a reach thing but a looks thing! yep, I'm vain! LOL
  5. you could back the preload off this would increase the bikes sag and maybe give you the inch you are looking for.

    There is a funny looking tool in the tool kit its used on the collar around the shock for adjustment.
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  6. Well that answers a 2 year old question!
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  7. Try looking on some of the Bobber websites / forums.
    I'm sure they would have done it. Maybe RandallRandall or TwiceShyTwiceShy will have more info.
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  8. Mine was J slammed when i bought it and it hasn't seemed to affect the handling much.
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  9. That's good to know! I bought a new shock end that reduces ride height by 1.5"
    I prob have a go at fitting this over the weekend.
  10. I would have jslammed it Bam Bam, that way you still have full travel in shock spring and 4 inches would make ya custom look mad, put extention sleeves in front forks and you would have a chopper. And as Collo said it doesnt affect you handling or ride much.
  11. I will still get full travel! Not changing spring, just the metal part on the end is about an inch shorter where the bolt goes through. If it's not enough, I can still J slam dat biotch!!
  12. lol there ya go, and extend ya forks mate the custom looks sick when ya do that
  13. might have to look into that!
  14. BTW twice shy, when we met up, I saw you had a swing arm bag, where'd ya get that??
  15. Fitted the new shock end and went for a ride tonight! Lowered the rear exactly 1.5" and is the look I was after!
    Has not made any difference to the handling and don't not scap pegs more that before!
    Very happy with it! Only have a crappy pic!
  16. Pic must be really crap cause I can't even see it :p
  17. image.
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  18. like my new indicators??
  19. They look a bit like mine, but probably a bit smaller.
    What are they ?
  20. Scalloped mini bulletts. image.