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XVS 650 Fuel Consumption?

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. Just purchased an XVS650 Classic and have covered only about 320klms so far. Interestyiingly, I started out with a full tank, (19 ltrs) and theres still 1/4 tank left. 320 klicks is surprising considering I haven`t gone to reserve yet. I would have expected the bigger jetting, and dyno tuning to be more fuel hungry but I`m still going on the first tank.
    What do other owners get?

  2. I have a 2010 XVS650 classic, everything stock, and I get about 4.5-5L/100km out of it. I've never run it to the point where I have to switch to reserve, I just keep track of how much I put in each time, and that seems to be about the average consumption.

    Just curious, are you sure about having a 19L tank? I was under the impression that it was actually 16L total (13L main, 3L reserve) so I've always played it safe and made sure I refuelled around 250. If it really is 16L main and 3L reserve (total 19L) then 320 should totally be doable without having to switch.
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  3. Not totally sure about the 16/3 ltr tank capacity. Its what I was told when I purchased it. I`ll go check.
    Thanks for the info, appreciated.
  4. It's a 16 litre tank in total.
    I'm jealous you get that range though
    Well done
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  5. Yep, it is a total of 16ltrs. Just topped up tank this arvo and it fitted 12 ltrs exactly. Thats 320 klms on 12 ltrs. (26.6 klms/1.0 ltr) (133 klms/5 ltr)
    Thats pretty good!! I`ve been a bit heavy handed with the throttle too.

  6. What sort of speeds are you doing Randall ? My XVS1100 gets great mileage around Perth where I am usually limited to 70 km/h with up to 280kms on a tank, and me refilling because I got worried that something was not quite right. Open road riding ( averaging about 130) I only get 190 before I go on reserve...
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  7. I've been getting about 200 kms for every 13 liters that is before it hits reserve.

    I've got a custom.
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  8. 150 klms on open highway and the rest around the burbs. I am pretty happy with the economy. I was expecting much less. Gotta be happy with that.
  9. I've got a classic and usually get round 300k's and haven't had to use reserve.(well once at 328). My bike has got a hyper charger and VnH pipes.
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  10. I get about 280 out of my 19l tank :(
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  11. I average 5.6L/100km doing my commute in Sydney in start/stop traffic and 4.3-4.6L/100 on highways. So about 250km easy before reserve is tapped.
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  12. Mines the custom and l normally fill up around 250k's. A few weeks back l had to use the reserve at 280k's
  13. I`m still consistently getting up to 340-350 klms before I need to switch to reserve. I`ve let it run to reserve twice now and both times its up around this distance. I`ve checked the speedo with the GPS and its reading spot on so the odometer is correct. This is mainly suburban riding. Larger jetting, dynotuning, aftermarket air intake and some V&H pipes makes it breath well and turned it into an economical scooter :)
    Gotta be happy with that!!
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  14. I think I'm Getting the lowest out of all of you guys. Not sure why?
  15. Yeah mines a custom and I usually need to switch to reserve much past 250. At 110 - 130kmph highway riding this drops down to about 220 I reckon.
  16. What sort of average speeds/distances do you do ? Which fuel ? What is your riding style ?
    As an example if I do just the commute without any extended rides from home to Sydney CBD then I barely get 210km out of pre-reserve volume. Assuming good condition of the fuel mix, carbie operation and my frequent oil changes the only factors are idling where I can't filter, lots of stop/starting for lights and backed up traffic and fairly low speeds of riding.

    The best fuel economy achieved so far was doing Putty back to back at higher-than-average speeds oddly enough. No stops, consistent speed and no temperature extremes.
  17. I took the bike for a ride this arvo because the odometer was reading 303 and getting down a bit. It ran out pre-reserve right on 340 again. All riding in the burbs...some traffic. Consistent rev changes....sometimes accelerate hard just because I can. This bike still delivers exceptional klicks per tank. The pattern seems to be the more standard your XVS, the more thirsty they are. When the air intake is improved along with some other aftermarket performance gear makes for a smooth delivery of power with better combustion.
    If your bike is Red, I believe that makes them go faster as well :)

    I`m wondering just now if rider weight has a big bearing on fuel consumption? Our wider riders may infact create much more wind resistance and surely the motor would labour a tad harder pushing along a 135 kg frame? I`m 82kg.
  18. I always re-fill mine at 200kms. Don't wanna push it.
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  19. Well I'm a fat bastard twice as heavy as you (almost). If anything, I don't really feel wind resistance at all :p
    My bike does have an aftermarket filter and pipes though.
  20. Interesting, mines stock standard and refuel around 250ks. Not sure about the weight, lm a light weight & only 5ft tall