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xvs 650 front indicator

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by bojo, Feb 12, 2015.

  1. Gudday, I'm looking to replace my front indicators with some type of led light that doesn't hang out the side. I have already swapped the rear indicators with an integrated tail light set up and the uncluttered/less chrome look is a great improvement. Any ideas or photos of custom jobs would be appreciated.

  2. Just out of curiosity, got a pic of the rears?
  3. XVS1100 but pretty much the same thing.



    Pretty simple mode really. I disassembled the front indicator assembly, measured twice then cut a few inches of each end and reassembled.

    the rear was a new number plate frame and indicator mount.

    I really loved the V-Star.
  4. It does look better but be aware you may be charged on the basis that they don't comply with ADRs, for those that say ADRs don't have the weight of law most jurisdictions have overriding legislation that refer you back to the ADRs in force at the time of manufacture.

    Vehicle Standard (Australian Design Rule 19/00 - Installation of Lighting and Light-Signalling Devices on L-Group Vehicles) 2006

    for front indicators, the following requirements shall all be met:

    (1) there shall be a minimum distance of 300 mm between illuminating surfaces,

    (2) the indicators shall be situated outside the longitudinal vertical planes tangential to the outer edges of the illuminating surface of the headlamp(s),

    (3) there shall be a minimum distance of at least 100 mm between the illuminating surfaces of the indicators and headlamps closest to one another. For rear indicators, the clearance between the inner edges of the two illuminating surfaces shall be at least 240 mm on the condition that the prescriptions of paragraph 2.10. are applied even when the registration plate is mounted;
  5. 20150212_153704.
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  6. Thanks for all the info. I was aware that they weren't quite legal as the original indicators had to be put back on for the rwc. I didn't know about all the spacings etc. The rear light/indicator set up is just a bolt and a spade plug so easy to change back. Are the police aware of all the trivial measurements?
  7. It took about 20 photos to get one with the indicator flashing! The bike is a custom xvs and had some of the chrome swapped out with matt black so was looking to either trade the front indicators for small black ones or go for a led 'collar' set up that surrounds the head light.
  8. Nice mod. job on the indicators, a little change made a big difference.
  9. That really tidies up the back end, mate.

    I've got Harley blinkers on the front of mine. Not LED though.

  10. I've got generic bullet LED's on the back with a tail light each side down lower.


    Not the standard rear guard so it works alright.

    And that 1100 looks sweet.
  11. Better pic of the rear

  12. Some nice work here...

  13. They do look good those combined units. The police are aware of the spacing distances, they may choose not to see it, but they can generally find something on a vehicle to issue a defect notice.

    You need to pass the attitude test. :) if pulled over and they will probably overlook it. On the other hand if its a day they have argued with their wife, a dog has bit them and their daughter has run off with a motorcyclist then watch out. ;)
  14. I replaced mine with 2 1/2" LED bullets. Much more compact than the originals.
    Still chrome, but I like that. 20150207_182133. 20150212_201813. 20150212_201841. 20150212_201923.
  15. Further to my last post, they were bought from EBay Hong Kong, I'm pretty sure they come in black too.
  16. Thanks for that. I was considering the matt black version of those with tinted lenses. The bike certainly looks sharper with smaller 'wings'
  17. Finally got round to replacing the indicators. Happy with the result but it was a bit of a pain in the arse. None of the replacement parts were compatible and the ebay seller took six weeks to send the wrong sized part.

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