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XVS 650 Classic forward control mod

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Randall, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. I was talking to a netrider recently and were discussing forward controls and how they perform. I ordered some from the states and they showed up 8 days later for about $140 I think. Pretty good quality and well engineered kit. Anyway, thought I`d whack up some happy snaps of the simple install. It has changed the whole dynamic of the seating position. Feels perfectly natural now....with legs stretched out to the comfortable angle...for me anyway. (5Ft 9In)

    Its night time so I`ll be testing them on the road tomorrow. IMG_1294.JPG IMG_1295.JPG IMG_1296.JPG IMG_1297.JPG
  2. IMG_1298.JPG IMG_1299.JPG IMG_1300.JPG IMG_1301.JPG This brand had a neat slotted top hole that facitates a perfect tilt angle of the floorboards. I have them adjusted full tilt :) Very comfy at rest . Tomorrow will tell.

  3. Nice mate! It's good to see the difference. Think ill definitely be ordering the 6" controls. Easy install?
  4. The install was quite easy...apart from some fiddly split pin removal on the brake shaft cotter pins. I haven`t got a bike lift and had to lay on the floor with a torch in my mouth :) Once over that, all other changes fell into place. The rear brake switch has to be adjusted a tad to accomadate the new brake shaft supplied. Every component fitted perfectly right down to the recessed bottom bolt hole on the gearshift side. (You will know what I mean when you put it together :) ) I test rode it tonight as I had other committments today. The ride tonight was awesome!! This really improves the total feel of the bike. Your ankle angles are move flexible and I reckon the response to the controls are better for me now. It feels a lot more lay back and comfortable. I tried a couple of hevy duty emergency stops in the back streets and I`m quite pleased with the reaction time. I locked the back wheel up for the first time though. A tad ambitious with stopping hard. I was a little surprised just how little stopping power the back had on the XVS 650.
    Anyway, I would recommend these forward controls. Not sure about the 6". I have the 4" and they seem perfect to me. Maybe your a tall bloke and the longer controls would be better.
    I`m loving this bike....nothing is displeasing on it. :)

  5. Yeah I don't have a lift either so ill be feeling your pain. I'm 6'3" so I think the 6" will be the go. What do you mean by adjusting the rear brake switch? Just shimmy it around a little?
  6. Ill take a photo of it and post up later.....rather than explain :)
  7. IMG_1309.JPG I adjusted the plastic switch all the way out but the spring was still too long. Necessity caused me to kink the spring and take up the slack. As rough as this sounds, its quiet functional. Maybe I better replace it with a shorter spring. :)
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  8. IMG_1307.JPG

    Heres a better photo to show the maximum tilt angle of the floorboard and the location. You will be able to see where the 6" version will end up on your Classic. Do it!!

    :) Randall.
  9. Ahh I see, that's just the trigger switch to the brake lights? Was it a case of the new spring attachment point on the brake shaft just being a little too close to the switch? I'll be ordering these very soon!
  10. Yes. Precisely.

  11. Had another long suburban ride today with the forward controls. Cannot fault them. Absolutely so comfortable. The angles are what makes them so user friendly. I remember hearing a guy say one day a few months back when I was researching the XVS 650s that this was how the XVS's were suposed to be. I agree.

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  12. Im interested in doing this too, who did you get them from and what brand?
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  13. Got em from Scootmods in USA in the end. There are a few different kits around if you have a google search but I ended up with these: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Yamaha-V...rcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3a5f15c382 If you read the add full length it will give you the heads up on the design and quality of the components. I reckon after receiving them and fitting/riding, I made the right choice quality wise. $35US postal in 8 days to my door. (gotta love international trade).

  14. Just emailed scoot mods about the 6". They've have 3 separate reports of the 6" scraping the front fender on Classic models. Wonder if a spacer between the adapter plate and frame mounting point would move them further away from the fender? How close does the front fender get to your controls with the 4"?
  15. Yeah, I saw the warning on the 6" add on ebay. I cannot imagine the 6" interfering in any way. Look back to the last photo in this string and you will clearly see the 4" I have installed is still a good 4" away from any interferance. I just measured it and its 110mm out to the gaurd. The math is simple :) Compression of the forks may narrow the distance marginally....but there is a bucket of room here. The more I ride this bike with 4" the more I see taller blokes will need the extra distance.
    After saying all this, push come to shove, you could pack out the actual plate to miss the gaurd if it came down to it.
    I`m wondering if all Classics were the same dimensionally? Mine is a 2005.


    PS......Had the opportunity to go for a ride today when the sun was shinning. Took a hike up to Mt Glorious and back. First test in the twisties. So impressed!! I scrapped the floorboards a few times so now I know where the tilt angle should stop :) OK....I have one negative about the XVS`s.....they really do need a 6th gear. Being a shaft drive there are no sprocket changes to gear up.
  16. Thanks for the info Randall, Im just a tad under six foot and ive found myself pushing my ass back as far as i can in the seat for the legroom.
    And the missing gear, i have to agree but they are happy reving away all day so dont be worried if its sounds like its singing a bit.
    I think i'll try the 4 inch setup and see if its better !!
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  17. I dont think you will be disappointed mate.

  18. Thanks for that mate, I think I'm going to risk it and get the six inch, I'm guessing more than 3 people have fitted them to classics and with only 3 complaints there should be a pretty good average. I finally found an Allen key to fit my risers tonight so I pushed my handlebars forward so they shouldn't hit my legs anymore! Lol. So with some forward controls I should be a lot more comfy.

    I live out near Samford, we should tee up a Mt Glorious ride soon. Weather looks to be improving in the short term.

    I agree with you about the 6th gear. I'm pretty much in 5th just putting along when I'm doing 60 - 70.
  19. I think you will be ok with the 6". At 6-4 you would need them I reckon.
    I`m up for a ride up the mountain again. Weekends are best for me but occassionally I get a chance to do a few small rides during the week....usually at a moments notice though :) I work from home and dont have any fixed hours...I work in blocks :)