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XVS 1300A cruiser

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by hotcargo, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Howdy Guys and Gals , my wife and I have just purchased a new black Yamaha XVS 1300 A cruiser , traded her 06 XVS 250 V Star ( great bike ) and my 05 XVS 650 V Star on this new one , to comeback to a one bike family , its road manners are so predictable , very stable , fit and finish are superb , smooth fuel injected 1300 V twin , any body else out there have one or know anything about these , we were very happy with our other V Stars and no this is not an advert for Yamaha , but just happy owners.......................cheers

  2. Hmmm,Does the 1300 have the same PITA oil filter change setup ,as the 1100...I like DIY servicing...and we were wondering if the lady gets to ride anymore??
  3. They fixed the oil filter location issue. As a sale point on the yammy site they say, " The oil filter is easy to get off but is tucked up out of sight".

    That is what put me off the 1100. :eek:
  4. Hi John and Doofus , no the 1300 has been completely re designed with automotive spin on oil filter under the engine just behind the radiator very easy to get to , ....and no the little lady is going pillion .....too many rat bags and B Doubles trying to blow us off the road around here....cheers
  5. So how about getting the camera out & putting some pics up in the garage. Need more to drool over. :LOL:

    BTW - Welcome to the forums. :)
  6. mmmm, Buckets Way...

    ....Thunderbolts Way

    Lucky sod !!! :).
  7. Yeah Paul , The Infamous Buckets Way and Thunderbolts Way , what can I say ....... expect the unexpected ......when ever we go either way.......cheers
  8. Hmmm,'sounds like some manufacturers listen...Enjoy.
    Yup,'know what you mean about traffic out there...
    everytime we cut up the buckets way,Barrington etc
    We always have a close call at the little crossing at Bretti :mad: