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XV250 - 12k service and other questions

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by OC1, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Ok, my wanna-be (and no where near-be) Harley (250 '98 Virago) is due for a 12k service........

    - Anyone recommend a good service centre (inner eastern Melbourne preferred). What should a handbook 12k service cost?

    - Been running it on BP Optimax - is that the best (I know people don't like Shell Optimax).

    - Gunk on the real rims - what's the best goop to clean 'em?? I have a small steam cleaner is that a good idea to get rid of oily grime?

    - Should I clean the seat with anything specific to keep it's look and feel (I think it's genuine leather)??
  2. Hi OC1, dunno about the cost of a handbook 12k service

    But Optimax is gold, I notice the difference on my Honda Davidson, your YamaHarley shoud love Vortex 98 too, optimax doesn't get along well with my bike, when i blip the throttle before changing down a gear, it will make a "plunk" noise which i can only assume is detonation / rejecting it...

    For gunk on the rims, nothing beats warm soapy water, elbow grease and some Autosol polish to finish it off...

    The seat on the Viragos are a decent quality vinyl, any good upholstery cleaner should do the trick.

    Don't listen to what people say when they say that "cruisers suck, specially on your L's" its all down to personal preference... I chose the cruiser because i love chrome, i love soaking back the scenery and I love cruiser style bikes.... But after riding a ZZR250, i do know what i'm missing out on, so i don't bag them (real riders) either...I think the general theme is, if you are on two wheels and it runs on petrol, you're a rider...

    Have fun champ
  3. Ahh crap, i was meant to say "But BP Ultimate 98 is gold" not "But Optimax is gold" optimax = evil... more suited for cars and motorbikes that really need 98 fuel...
  4. Got it serviced for $100 - goes a bit quicker now as I think the last owner only ever changed the oil and never tuned it!

    The cruiser is just that - long distance - but I have had it dow nthe GOR and it was a lot of fun as well! I'm not much for screaming down there at 120k's anyway I guess??

    I try to stick to Vortex - goes pretty well on it and I dare say better than Ultimate!