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XV1700-We're not worthy!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Whitty, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. XV1700. Black, sleek, low, animal. Calling....calling....
    I have seen the face of darkness and it's name is Road Warrior XV1700.
    It calls to me, like the song of the Siren.
    I shall cast aside loved ones, step on the fallen, sacrifice innocents and sell my soul.
    Bewitching and hypnotic. I must....no.... I will, have you.

    Sorry! Did I drift a bit there? Is it just me, or does this bike in the black with black exhaust look sweeeeet?

  2. Sorry dudes, I'm crap with links and pics and stuff. Try 'Team Moto Yamaha'-then click products,bikes, cruisers and you'll get a list of the XV s of all sizes and accompanying pics
  3. Like this?:

  4. That's the one!!! I think the 'V' in 'XV' might stand for Viagra. In real life, they are low, fat and sleek. Thes profile photos tend to make them look a little stubby. Sweeet one at Yamaha shop at Enogerra in Brisbane if anybody wants a look.
    It's like a cross between a James Dean movie and "Bladerunner". Surreal dude...surreal.
  5. They need to lose the big as a house muffler.
  6. Nice bike but the muffler got my attention first.